An Alisa Review: In the Lion’s Den by Abigail Kade


Rating:  3 stars out of 5

Danial “Nial” Rourke is the oldest son of a criminal shifter family, but wants nothing to do with the family business. As a rare pureblood shifter with no abilities, he’s treated as human and is able to live a relatively normal life. One night out with his brother to celebrate his graduation changes everything. Now, Nial is a convicted murderer and his pureblood status means he’ll be going to Starke Penitentiary for criminal beasts. The high stone walls, human prejudice, and the worst of the shifter world make it a deadly place for someone like Nial. If his father can’t pull some strings and get Nial protection, he’ll never make his next birthday alive.

Ezekiel “Ze” de Koening is Nial’s only chance for survival. He’s gruff, intimidating, and a rare lion shifter, indifferent one minute and protective the next. But Ze soon seems to grow fond of his new cellmate, saying Nial’s too pretty and weak to survive on his own. He’ll babysit, for now. Just when things seem to settle into a routine, Nial is forced to confide in his protector. He’s much more than he claims to be, and he’s holding onto some deep secrets. And Nial is sure Ze is keeping secrets of his own. Secrets that could be deadly.

When the violence inside escalates, and their world unexpectedly explodes, there’s only one way out for either of them. Through an unimaginable trial, freedom finally comes. But freedom will come with an unexpected price, neither one was prepared to pay.

I liked this story but felt that pieces of it were rushed or skipped over.  I think if the book had been a bit longer then it would have allowed for the story to be more fully put together, however it looks like this could be the start of a new series so maybe we can see a little more later.  Nial gets thrown into jail after being set up one night.  He is quickly put under Ze’s protection and for the most part everything goes smoothly.

I could tell that Ze was keeping a lot from Nial but wasn’t sure as to what that was until Nial’s new trial.  I felt for Nial as he was thrown into a different world and then had everything he loved and depended on ripped away.  I couldn’t feel that Ze deserved the sympathy he thought he did when he knew his mate was still alive while Nial didn’t.

The cover art by Amai Designs gives a nice visual of Nial.

Sales Links:  Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 168 pages

Publication: October 24, 2018

Edition Language: English

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