A Lucy Review : Sweet (Uncorked #5) by Shea Balik


Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Elden Richland didn’t want to waste money on an office. Instead, he worked from home, or, when he needed a change of scenery, from The Cure All, a local bar. Staring at Cabe Donovan, the bar owner, may not help Elden get any work done, but it was well worth it. 

Cabe had been watching Elden come into The Cure All for months now. Elden might not be his normal type of date, but Cabe didn’t want typical, he wanted forever. He wanted Elden. 

But what did a hot bar owner and a computer nerd, who didn’t like the taste of alcohol, have in common? Fireworks. 

Warning: Alcohol consumption not only occurs in this book, it is encouraged, over-consumed and, ends with praying to the Porcelain God. Oh, and being naked. Don’t want to forget that. Although, maybe not in the way Cabe hoped. 

This book made me laugh.  Cabe is the owner of The Cure All, a bar in Dahlonia. He’s very interested in the computer nerd, Elden, who comes into the Cure All to work sometimes.  Does he have a crush on Cabe?  You bet.  Is he way too shy to do anything about it?  Again, you bet.  Elden can’t imagine why anyone would be interested in him, let alone a smokin’ hot guy like Cabe.  But a boy can dream.

Elden is so sweet and so cute.  “No way was he letting anyone see his Star Wars boxers  That would only get him named President of the Nerd Hall of Fame.”  His clothes don’t fit well, he can’t wear contacts so has to use glasses and his mother has brow beaten him into a self-loathing mess.  I can’t even begin to say how awful his mother is. 

“From the moment Elden had entered The Cure All four months ago, he’d (Cabe) been obsessed with the sweet, yet extremely shy, man.”   Cabe likes the glasses, the smile, the awkwardness, everything about Elden just as he is. Elden doesn’t believe it though. So we get to experience Cabe showing Elden just how serious he is.  I loved that.

I did have one WTF moment in the book.  We get to see Shine and Montague (from Shine, Uncorked #4).  Shine brings moonshine to the Cure All and it is mentioned, “With Shine’s new partner, Montague, their flavors had improved dramatically, but that didn’t mean it would stay that way.”  What??  The flavors were remarkable already (hence how Shine got Montague and on the tour) so for Shine’s sake I was incensed.

It is funny that Elden has odd sayings “Duck water” like Shine, but his are so random even Shine is speechless.  Cabe is so awesome about it, “One day, I really hope you’ll tell me what that means.”  Again, unconditionally accepting of all of Elden.

Elden’s mother, however,  is not.  She is so awful I couldn’t fathom why Elden continued to have dinner with her or even talk to her.  She insults him, cuts him down, makes fun of him, the works.  And when we get her reason for it, I didn’t buy it. Thank pete for Cabe, who not only stands up for Elden but allows Elden to be confident enough to stand up for himself.  She is supposedly getting better but honestly she is poison.

I loved when Elden goes to a New Year’s Party Cabe invited him to and ends up drinking with Shine and Montague, David and Mac.  A drunken Elden is funny, the hangover Elden more so.  Even when Elden freaks out, Cabe is calm and there.  We get some aww moments for Shine and Montague too, that happen in typical Shine fashion.

There were a few editing issues with this one, and a name error (Jess for Jeff) but they were minor.  This was a great addition to the series.  Now I still want Andrew and Brogan’s story but I also would like Jaivon’s story as well.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve read all the books in a series, so this was something special for me!

Cover art shows Elden and Cabe and this is the first book in the series that I thought the men on the cover were the men in the book. Well done!

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition
Published February 4th 2019
Series Uncorked #5

Series Uncorked :


Full Bodied




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