A VVivacious Release Day Review: Helix by Anna Martin

Rating: 4 Stars out of 5
This is a very interesting novel. Also, I think I might have rated this one less than it deserved.

James’ truck breaks down and the guy who comes to tow his truck is Dylan. They are both attracted to each other and it is the perfect meet-cute if you ask me. Steve hooks up with Mark and they try to give it a go. Unknowingly, Steve is Dylan’s adopted father and Mark is James’ father and when the truth comes out it, everything comes to a head and with so many feelings mixed in they are going to be quite a few hurts to soothe when the dust settles.

This book is told from the alternating perspectives of James and Steve.

James and Dylan definitely stole the show from me. I feel like they were much more open regarding their relationship even if they didn’t go into specifics. Though Dylan did play it close to the chest for a while, I feel like that given his upbringing that was more because he wanted to protect himself than anything else.

I never did get where Steve and Mark are going with there relationship. Since we never do get Mark’s perspective it is hard to say where things are with regards to him but with Steve, you can tell that he has fallen hard but he is playing it coy in front of his friends and his son.

I really like the parent-child relationships in this one. Especially Steve and Dylan who are like the coolest father-son duo ever. I don’t care what Steve claims in the book he is a cool dad. I especially loved the fact that for Steve Dylan’s security and stability came over all else.

This book was one in which I really got to compare romances. A romance with younger protagonists who are still having their first experiences with love and another with older guys with responsibilities. There is just something about young love, about the innocence at the age that can’t be recaptured again. And personally, the fact that Mark and Steve are so prominently fathers and the fact we do get James’ perspective just made Mark and Steve very real parents. I realise I have read books where the MCs have kids but the fact that we never get the kids perspective in such a way that makes the MC a parental figure makes me ignore that label. Because truthfully I couldn’t ignore that label for these two. These two are super kinky but something about the fact that they are father-figures really made me cringe. I must confess that I am way closer to James and Dylan’s age than Steve and Mark’s and also I am not a parent so I can’t look at things the way Steve and Mark do. I can’t reconcile with Mark and Steve the parents with these kinky individuals. I truly understand James’ desire to ignore the fact his father might have sex at all. I never want to think about that either.

I realise that people who are parents would truly gain more from this book because they can identify with both sides of the fence but unfortunately I can truly only identify with one.

Also, there also remains the fact that the first thing that Mark focuses on when he realises Dylan is Steve’s son is his issues. I haven’t forgiven him for that. I know he did apologize but the fact that we don’t see it play out given our two narrators means there is something in me that needs closure regarding this issue. And since I can’t in all capacity forgive Mark I wonder how Steve can which just makes their relationship that much more complicated for me.

The fact that they are parents automatically puts them on a pedestal for me and I expect more but Mark and Steve truly have nothing figured out with regards to their relationship.

I would have definitely wanted more Frances but I get that the choice of narrators prevented that to an extent.

James and Dylan are the stars of this story for me. They are so cute. I love them so much. There are the snuggliest, cuddliest and squidgiest couple ever. I so totally want another epilogue like that epilogue.

This story blew my mind, it made me realise new things about me. I feel like people who can see themselves as kids under parental authority and who can see themselves as parental authority would gain much more from this story. Despite all that this story is still pretty amazing.

Cover Art by Garrett Leigh. I love the cover. It has a really fresh look and all that blue just reminds me of beaches and a cover that reminds me of beaches and water can never be bad.

Book Details:
ebook, 1st edition, 200 pages
Expected publication: February 26th 2019 by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN 139781640808904
Edition Language English

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