A MelanieM Release Day Review: Freckles by Amy Lane


Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Small dogs can make big changes… if you open your heart.

Carter Embree always hoped someone might rescue him from his productive, tragically boring, and (slightly) ethically compromised life. But when an urchin at a grocery store shoves a bundle of fluff into his hands, Carter goes from rescuee to rescuer—and he needs a little help.

Sandy Corrigan, the vet tech who eases Carter into the world of dog ownership, first assumes Carter is a crazy-pants client who just needs to relax. But as Sandy gets a glimpse of the funny, kind, sexy man under Carter’s mild-mannered exterior, he sees that with a little care and feeding, Carter might be “Super Pet Owner”—and decent boyfriend material to boot.

But Carter needs to see himself as a hero first. As he says goodbye to his pristine house and hello to carpet treatments and dog walkers, he finds there really is more to himself than a researching drudge without a backbone. A Carter Embree can rate a Sandy Corrigan. He can be supportive. He can be a man who stands up for his principles!

He can be the owner of a small dog.

Freckles by Amy Lane is the very essence of a lighthearted, feel so good romance that make you want to snuggle and laugh.  Yes, she writes those too.  It’s in that face on the cover that makes you want to pick it up and take it home to love.  That’s this book in a nutshell.

Somehow Amy Lane captured that and put everything you feel when you are looking at that face and put it into two characters, and their path towards dog ownership and love.  Just amazing.

It’s a trip you know that Carter Embree is going to take whether he realizes it or not the moment that bundle of fur is put into his hands.  Freckles comes alive as a character for us and for Carter.  That puppy jumps into our hearts just as firmly as they do Carter’s so we don’t even puzzle as we watch the growth in the man as he expands emotionally and more to become first the person Freckles needs him to be and then the person he himself was always meant to be.

Sandy Corrigan is the other wonderful main character helping both Carter and Freckles along their journey.  I adored him.  His energy, his passion for the animals, and for Carter.  Their relationship, all three, had me just smiling til my face hurt.

And there’s more of course,  Secondary characters that really are so terrific, so believable, they are an absolute delight.

Truly, this is a feel great book to read over and over again.  Need something to pick you up?  Make your heart feel better?  Your day a little lighter and brighter?  Look no further than the cover and the wonderful story of Freckles by Amy Lane.  I highly recommend it.

Cover Artist: Brooke Albrecht.  This cover just grabbed at my heart.  Totally Freckles and precious in every way.  Adorable.

Sales Links:  Dreamspinner Press | Amazon | Kobo

Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 2nd edition, 137 pages
Expected publication: March 8th 2019 by Dreamspinner Press (first published November 14th 2016)
Edition Language English

Characters Carter Embrea, Sandy Corrigan
setting Sacramento, California (United States)
California (United States)

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