A Lucy Review: Cameron & Rylan (A Chance Meeting #1) by Valerie Ullmer


Rating:  3 stars out of 5

Cameron Hayes believed himself to be a dedicated friend and a good son but destined to be alone. Because in his twenty-one years, he’d never fallen for anyone. Dating never appealed to him when he would rather spend a night at home. Despite his friend’s best intentions for Cameron to find a hookup for the night, he stayed at the bar as he nursed a beer. And that’s when Cameron spotted him and everything he knew evaporated with one look.

Rylan Ellis wanted one night out without complications. To forget about his overwhelming responsibilities and stress at home. He loved to lose himself in the music and ignore everyone around him. But when he happened a glance at the bar and spotted the tall, broad, and sexy-as-sin man, he felt drawn to him.

Soon, Cameron and Rylan learn about each other and establish their lives together. They also have to deal with a group of well-meaning friends, loving parents, and unexpected friendships. But most of all, a dangerous threat that could tear their lives apart.

Will a chance meeting turn into something more?

This novel contains heavy attraction at first sight and first-time gay sex between two men. There is no cheating or cliffhangers and ends with a happily ever after.

This story has a big case of insta-love.  While normally that can irritate me a bit, Rylan deserved to have that so much, I was able to look past it for the most part.  Especially since Cameron, the very rich and very lonely,  is the perfect match for him.  “He wouldn’t say he was loney since he was the one who quit the football team the year before and secluded himself using any excuse he thought of to avoid social interactions.  But from time to time, he missed his friends.”  Don’t believe what he says.  Cameron is lonely.

There is baggage here to be sure.  Rylan’s father is a piece of work and his brother’s best “friend”, Tristan, deserves to be beaten.  He is even there when Cameron and Rylan meet.  This first meeting is also a big info dump on Rylan’s life and an immediate offer for Rylan to move into Cameron’s spare room.  Things move very quickly here. “I want you safe but more than that, I want you in my life.”  This is the morning after they meet (no sex, just sleep).  Even Aaron, Eric and Tim, Cameron’s friends, move fast.  “We’re family now.  And we always look out for our family.”   Keep in mind all this is within a day of meeting.  By the end of moving in, Rylan is moving to the master bedroom with Cameron.

Tristan features in the most unpleasant of ways throughout the story and you really want him to get what’s coming to him.  Rylan’s father, as well, couldn’t be more of a monster, to the point where at times I felt it was overdone.  (Such as when he is destroying all Rylan’s scholarships).   I did love that when they went to get Rylan’s things, he was with Cameron and Cam’s three football buddies, so Papa Dearest really couldn’t do a thing.

Rylan’s brother, Declan, was confusing.  Rylan believes his father and brother both hate him and when Tristan harasses Rylan in front of Declan, Declan says nothing to defend his brother.  Declan “…had a more thoughtful expression as he stared at their linked hands.”

The story moved along okay and at times it is very, very sweet.  There is past trauma involved and current trouble with Tristan and Dad, but mainly it is the sweetness between Cameron, Rylan and friends. The support system here is amazing, Issa and Suzy for Rylan, and the football guys for both of them.

The book has some small editing issues and again, you really have to be okay with insta-love.  Both Tristan and Dad have their over the top moments (like when Tristan calls a client of Rylan’s to smear him – how would Tristan know who the client was? How would he get the phone number?)  It has some very sweet moments and I loved their friends.

Cover art, showing two men, apparently Cameron and Rylan, is okay if a little bland.  I will say the model for Cameron is pretty close to how I pictured him. 

Sales Link: Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 259 pages

Published: March 26, 2019

Edition Language: English

Series: A Chance Meeting #1

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