A MelanieM Review: Uncomplicated (Inked #2) by K.M. Neuhold

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Two men with a rocky history, and one with an all-consuming love for both of them.

Sometimes I’m so lonely I swear I can’t breathe. I bring men and women into my bed to chase away the ache, but it never seems to help. I want something real, something lasting, but I’ve never been more afraid of anything in my life. If I have nothing else in my life I can count on, at least I have my best friend, Cas. If I have nothing else in my life that feels solid, at least I have Cas.

Until one sad smile from a beautiful man tilts my world on its axis.

But Finn is Cas’ ex, and that means he’s off limits, right? What if I could have something permanent, if I’m willing to put my heart on the line? Finn and Cas may have a history, but something tells me the three of us could have a future, if we’re willing to let things get a little complicated.

Uncomplicated is the second story in Inked, a linked saga, to K.M. Neuhold’s Heathens Inks series.  While several of the members of that series and the tattoo shop make important appearances here, it’s not imperative that those novels be read in order to appreciate this story and series.  It would simply be giving you that extra layer of knowledge, lovely but not necessary.

One thing that Neuhold has accomplished here that is important in M/M/M romances is slowly establishing the need and love among all three men for each other. The story starts us off with Cas and Beau, and then slides in Finn (aka Griffin).  We get three points of view here which is necessary because of how their relationship is built, not as a threesome to start off with but as a pairing which will pour naturally into a triad.  But not without some jealousy and just emotional baggage to workout.

There’s of angst and pain between all the men here although I’m sure sure I feel the backhistory for Beau feels compelling enough for the fragility he exhibits.  When he revealed exactly why he’s unable to commit, spend a night alone, has nightmares, none of it added to the scenario of an absent father who cheated along with a older boyfriend who did the same.  Maybe I missed something, but I was expecting childhood abuse, time on the streets, something to explain the extremes in Beau’s personality.  Which I never felt I got.

I thought Beau was lovable but again maybe I missed something here.  The author was on more solid ground with Finn and Cas, their back history and the all around dynamics between the three.  It takes three here because with just Cas and Beau their bar of communication is set at fear.  Fear of losing what they have if they actually talk to each other about how they feel…they love each other.  It takes the appearance of Finn and Beau bringing him into his life  while Cas is on duty to shake things up.

Uncomplicated is moving, hot, and has its moments of suspense.  The characters and storyline make for a very fast read.  A few things bothered me like the name Beau switching to Blue twice (or was it three times.  I don’t think that was a nickname but more like a editing problem that wasn’t caught.  Plus I thought Beau’s backhistory could have used some heft.  But as a triad?  I love these three men!  They are hot, loving, and have great chemistry.

I look forward to seeing the three of them pop up in the next Inked story.

Cover art: Natasha Snow. I’m surprised this is done by this artist, she rarely misses.  It’s a male torso, no ink and no piercings. So really it could be any cover for any novel.  No elements pertaining to this story and I’m so over the half naked thing when done like this.  Total fail.

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 243 pages
Published March 11th 2019
Edition Language English
Series Inked #2



**This is a MMM spin-off of the HEATHENS INK series and there ARE appearances by your favorite Heathens Ink characters. However it CAN be read as a stand alone.

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