An Alisa Review: Radical Hearts (Deviant Hearts #2) by A E Ryecart


Rating:  4 stars out of 5


When the past shatters the present, how can their future be saved?


Taking shelter from a storm in an off-beat, alternative bookshop, security consultant Lee Adams only wants to wait out the weather. Wary and cautious following the collapse of his long-term relationship, Lee’s got no time and even less interest in having a man in his life. Or that’s what he tells himself as he works long, exhausting days in a futile effort to deny his crushing loneliness. But when the flirty, dark-haired assistant invites him to a campaign meeting to save an old pub from being bulldozed out of existence, Lee finds himself saying yes when everything tells him he should be saying no.


For Dominic Russell, the Save Charlie campaign is personal. Charlie’s was where the frightened teenager he’d once been found a safe haven to be himself without fear or shame – until the events of a long-ago night ripped his world apart and forced him into a decision that changed his life forever.


Both are wounded by betrayal, let down by those who should have loved them unconditionally. It’s only when they find the courage to open their hearts to one another that Lee and Dominic understand what each of them wants and needs to make them whole and complete.


Against the background of Lee and Dominic’s unfolding love story, the campaign to Save Charlie is falling apart. Nobody’s interested and nobody cares – until a stranger with vision, passion and conviction arrives. He’s the shot in the arm the campaign needs, and he’s come with a full syringe. But something about Charlie’s saviour doesn’t add up, and Lee’s determined to find out why.


A whispered revelation, an angry confrontation, and the campaign takes a dark and disturbing turn. As Dominic’s new-found trust is tested to the breaking point, everything he’s trying to save threatens to destroy him.


For Lee and Dominic, preserving the past might just tear down their future.


This story had so many little twist and turns, it felt like there was something coming at them from all angles.  Dominic is living his life according to his rules, he just wants to be himself but can’t seem to break free of the hurt his father caused years ago.  Lee hasn’t been ready to put himself out there since his relationship collapsed but can’t help being drawn to Dom when they meet.


Hmm, I liked this story a lot, not as much as the previous one but it was good.  I loved getting to know these characters as the book went on though they tried to keep themselves at a distance for a while.  I liked how these two really took it slow and got to know each other more before they jumped in too much, even if it wasn’t always intentional.


My only real gripe with the story is it seemed that every time they started to make headway something else get in their way and the reality of that many things or people causing problems is mind boggling.  Though at times it was themselves that got in their own way.


I liked the cover art with the pictures of the characters, though Dom’s pink tips would have been a nice touch.


Sales Link: Amazon


Book Details:

ebook, 248 pages

Published: June 20, 2018 by AE Ryecart

Edition Language: English

Series: Deviant Hearts #2

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