An Alisa Review: Thirst for You (Beyond the Cove #2) by Jaclyn Quinn


Rating:  4 stars out of 5

What happens when thirst becomes an obsession that can’t be quenched?

Forty-year-old Zachariah Taylor prides himself on being the overprotective older brother of seven. He owns a successful bar, Zach’s Bar and Grill, in the quiet town of Riverside Falls and loves the life he’s built for himself. But as his siblings move on and find their forever partners in life, he’s starting to feel less and less needed—not to mention old. Suddenly, he’s finding it even harder to ignore the younger man who has pursued him for years, but the twelve years separating them is something Zach can’t seem to overlook.

Twenty-eight-year-old Drew Belford has been in love with the stubborn Zach Taylor for seven years. Sure, he was a kid when they’d first met, but what Zach is determined to ignore is the man Drew has become. Drew, however, is just as strong-minded and refuses to let Zach use their age difference as an excuse to disregard the attraction burning between them. He doesn’t need an overprotective older brother—he needs Zach.

When Drew begins to get unsettling messages from an unknown person, Zach feels helpless in a way he’s never felt before. How can he protect Drew from someone he can’t find? The thought of anyone hurting Drew unleashes years’ worth of pent-up desire Zach has had for the younger man. Is his thirst for Drew enough to protect him from the danger lurking in the shadows, or will the threat of the unknown be enough to douse the spark of love between them—and silence Drew forever?

I really enjoyed this story and was even thrown for a loop when the stalker was revealed.  Drew and Zach work well together at work, they just need to learn how to do it in their personal lives but once that happens everything isn’t as smooth as they would like.

I loved how Drew would not give up in his quest for Zach but I think that is what Zach needed since he couldn’t seem to work for his own happiness.  Zach sure is stubborn and he’ll do whatever it takes for those around him to be happy even if it’s not what would make him happy and that broke my heart.  I was glad to see him hold on with both hands once he let himself be happy.

This story pulled me from one emotion to the other, I was happy and then worried or scared about what was happening to Drew and back and forth but it sure kept my attention.  I could tell how it hurt the characters for someone they were close with to be the cause of all the problems.  I think I can see who the next relationship will be and I really look forward to it.

The cover art by Cate Ashwood is great, I love the visual of the characters and Drew’s signature shirt *wink*.

Sales Link: Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 258 pages

Published: April 8, 2019

Edition Language: English

Series: Beyond the Cove #2

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