A Free Dreamer Review: The Incredible Real Life Monster Man by L.B. La Vigne



Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Monsters are real, and everyone knows it. When Mikey, an employee at the US Department of Fish and Wildlife, is assigned to rescue an abused creature at Samuel’s Carnival Extravaganza, he feels drawn to the sympathetic thing. But, rescuing and nursing the creature back to health has some unforeseen consequences. Not only can Renin talk, but he has the same urges and needs as a human—urges and needs now set on his savior, Mikey. Ones which Mikey can’t say he doesn’t reciprocate. As a creature used to high levels of socialization, keeping him in isolation with little stimulation could be doing him more harm than good. For the second time, Mikey must break Renin out of captivity, bringing him home for…safe keeping. While ending up in Mikey’s home is one of the best things to happen to Renin, multiple forces threaten to tear them apart. Mikey’s boyfriend, for one, isn’t accepting of the creature making itself comfortable in Mikey’s bed. The government is desperate to get their creature back, and will stop at nothing to have him. And then, there’s what’s hidden in the woods—watching, waiting, ready to strike at Renin at the first opportunity. With everything seemingly against them, Mikey may not be able to hold on to his monster for very long.

I’m honestly not sure what to think of “The Incredible Real Life Monster Man”. So please bear with me as I try to muddle through my thoughts on this book.

I liked the rather unusual concept of monsters. They seem to be something between animals and humans, with different levels of intelligence and different species. Sadly, we only ever meet Renin and are only told that other monsters are out there. I really would have liked to know more about those creatures, especially since Renin seemed to be part of a very rare and unusual species. I think this seriously lacked world-building.

The relationship between Renin and Mikey left me a little conflicted. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with how it all started out. There’s cheating on Mikey’s part and somewhat dubious consent and while that is generally not something I mind reading about, in this case it somehow bothered me. And while Renin is just about as intelligent as a human would be, he’s very naive and innocent; a bit childlike, really. But it was obvious that the two of them worked together and really cared for each other. And the sex was definitely hot.

At times I was a bit annoyed by Mikey. His approach to getting Renin to his home was extremely naive and I thought it was really mean of him to not break up with his boyfriend. It was clear from the beginning that he’s not as invested in the relationship as Philip and it would have only been fair to break up once he developed feelings for Renin.

I’m not completely sold on the HEA, the epilogue felt rushed and didn’t make all that much sense to me.

But despite all my misgivings, something about the story just kept me hooked and I found it very hard to put the book down. It was a fast and overall quite enjoyable read. I just think it didn’t quite reach its full potential.

I’m not a big fan of the cover. The feathers look like a cape or something and not like they actually grow on Renin’s skin. And Renin is always naked, while the cover model is clearly wearing jeans. I know you can’t put a completely naked man on a cover, but it would have been better to just show him from the waist up.

Sales Links:  Amazon

Book details: e-book, 194 pages

Published February 19th 2019 by Deep Desires Press

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