A VVivacious Review:It’s in My Blood – Criminal Delights: Obsession by Sean Azinsaltt

Rating: 2.75 Stars out of 5

Mark is a journalist obsessed with growing old or more accurately obsessed with not growing old. As he turns forty, he can’t help feeling like his life is over, when he gets the chance to investigate a company that claims to reverse ageing. As Mark starts his treatments at Youthology not only does it seem to work but it does so much more, as the blood in Mark’s system works to make Mark more like his donor, Nick. But there is a darkness in Nick and now it’s in Mark too.

This book is Mark’s story and I liked Mark. Even with how shallow he is you can tell that he is a good person. He is definitely vain but I really couldn’t fault him for his views. Mark was a fascinating character and I really would have liked to see more of his views on what was happening to him.

This book is primarily Mark’s story and we see all characters from Mark’s lens. Sean is an interesting character who manages to get two men completely obsessed with him though I wonder if he has more of a dark side than we got to witness though I like him as the innocent character in this one. Nick is too much testosterone. He is the alpha male who thinks with the wrong head. He is cocky to his very detriment. He is an idiot and I guess I just have to come out and say this, Mark was always going to win this battle.

The story starts off interesting and it is quite engrossing in the beginning. The sex is hot but somewhat about the halfway point this book devolves into nothing but sex. There are like chapters filed with it. Chapters twenty-four and twenty-five are basically one never-ending sex scene. This author wrote the sex scenes well but there truly is something as too much of a good thing. I really wanted some plot point to emerge amid all that sex but it was for nought. The ultimate conclusion of the story is predictable as we get a hint to it in the prologue so I thought the journey to that point would be interesting. I truly wished that the last act would have been a homage to Mark truly becoming Nick and I would have liked it if it had played out that way but for the most, the author failed to develop the plot much after Sean enters the picture. There is nothing new the story introduces after that point and everything interesting happens before that point.

The writing of this book is a little quirky with some awkward sentence structuring but I think it overall works to build the charm of the book, though at times it did bring me out of the book.

This book is marketed as a dark book and I feel like the author should have stuck to the blood and its side effects to add darkness to the story instead she halfway decides that the darkness in this book is going to come from all that sexual depravity which didn’t work for me. Side Note – There is actually a lot of kinky stuff happening in this book and some stuff might be off-putting to people so just a heads up there are some golden showers in this one. I have read almost every sexual taboo out there so it’s hard to get me that way. Therefore, I must acknowledge that this book might be subjective with some people agreeing that it is a truly dark read but it wasn’t for me.

The last scene should have been the darkest of all but it just doesn’t play that way and that epilogue was downright cheery. It was the darkness that this book promised that had me intrigued but it failed to deliver.

Cover Art by Natasha Snow. I really liked the cover it really fits the theme of darkness and intrigue this book was going for.

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Book Details:
Kindle Edition, 217 pages
Published May 17th 2019
Edition LanguageEnglish

By Scattered Thoughts

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