A VVivacious Review: Want Me (Extracurricular Activities #5) by Neve Wilder

Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 5

Nate gets caught in the act by his roommate, Eric and things become really awkward because not only does Eric catch him in the act, Nate proceeds to blow his load shortly after. Now, Nate is terrified of what Eric might think of him because as he comes to realise he doesn’t really know Eric all that well. But when Eric shrugs it off and offers to help Nate on his Calculus test, Nate has no idea what his assent is about to start.

This story was brilliant. It was so amazing. I really loved it. The writing is so good. If I had to describe any writing as poetic this would be it for me. Some of the words that were written were so visceral.

“He occasionally came out with all of us, but I didn’t know a lot about him beyond that he was majoring in structural engineering. And currently minoring in confusing my dick.”

Nate is an amazing narrator. His vulnerabilities are so raw that you can feel them to the extent that you can experience them. The writing was just that good. Nate is like flayed open in front of our eyes and to take this journey with him was an experience unlike any other.

“Four whole days of Eric. Boy if that didn’t feel like some test sprung last second by the universe. It made the calculus exam I’d just completed feel like a joke in comparison. Formulas and theorems I could memorize. But Eric, he was a philosophy all his own, and there were no shortcuts to solving the riddle of him.”

Eric was an amazing counter to Nate. While Nate is an open book, we know next to nothing about Eric but what I loved about this story was that the author showed us who Eric was as a person even with first-person blinders on. At the end of the story, I was not left frustrated in my want to know Eric.

There was something so finite about the way he said my name. Crazy how he could give something I’d heard all my life new worlds of meaning just by his inflection.”

Eric and Nate together are explosive. These to come together suddenly almost violently and it’s so bright it is almost like an explosion. I loved these two together and who they become when they are with each other. The sex that these two have is hot and despite the fact that these two have a lot of sex somehow it was never boring. It felt like every moment that these two spent together was building towards something.

I realise that this book is a series of shorts that were realised as a serial on the author’s website with each short serving as an episode. I feel like the format really worked for the story because these episodes made for some dense story-telling that was fulfilling but still left you wanting more and I can see the appeal of having these delicious morsels being consumed slowly with great delight but I am so happy I got to read them in one go because the wait might also have turned out to be unbearable. The reason why the origin is of significance is that the story really feels like it’s over with the sixth episode and hence the seventh “bonus” episode felt a tad repetitive. I can see the appeal it would hold for people who were getting starved for Nate and Eric after finishing the six episodes but as you read them in one go you can’t help feeling that the story was getting stretched out a little, but I do realise that the bonus would be truly special for people who have followed Nate and Eric’s story every step of the way.

We get a lot of side characters and I definitely know that there is some story between Jesse and Mark that we might get to see in the future. Fingers crossed.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I loved Nate and Eric so much that I literally couldn’t stop reading and I was feeling very naughty when I was ignoring certain important work to get my fill of these two but it was so worth it.

In the scheme of a lifetime, maybe it’d be a small thing. It should be a small thing. In a lifetime, there’d be other triumphs, other regrets, other inevitabilities. My parents aging and dying, career pitfalls and upswings. That moment in the chapter room tonight should’ve been a blip, but it felt huge.

Let me just repeat what I said – I loved it!

Cover Art by Neve Wilder, the author itself. The cover is amazing, I love the rather unique combination of the violets with the indigos and the almost sea-green of the title text.

Sales Links:

Amazon US: http://bit.ly/WantMeNeveWilder

Amazon UK: http://bit.ly/WantMeNeveWilder_UK

Book Details:

Published February 23rd 2019
Original TitleWant Me
Edition Language English
Series Extracurricular Activities #5


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