A MelanieM Review: Bombs and Guacamole (Border Crossing #1) by BA Tortuga

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

ER doctor Dusty Lowry grew up in a conservative rural Texas family that has never quite forgiven him for staying in New Mexico after his stint in the Army. Paramedic Nate Miller, Dusty’s best friend since their early Army days, has a hippie momma, a tiny apartment, and is in lust with his buddy. When their other Army friend, Kyle, gets married, they start thinking about settling down. In fact, they both know what they want: each other. Too bad they’ve never shared that goofy little fact.

A trip to visit Dusty’s family in Texas changes everything, and Dusty and Nate aren’t sure where to go from there. Good thing they’re smart guys, and between a series of bombings that target first responders, their friend Kyle’s wife getting pregnant, and more than one bowl of guacamole, they begin to figure out how to have a relationship.

But as the bombings get closer to home, Nate and Dusty must navigate love and commitment before they lose their chance.

Friends to lovers is a staple in BA Tortuga’s contemporary romance fiction  and Bombs and Guacamole (Border Crossing #1) is another action packed example. Sexy, fun, and full of the Texas warmth and chili pepper hotness I’ve come to expect and need in my BA Toturta stories, it features paramedic Nate Miller and ER doc Dusty Lowry, best friends since the Army who are about to get much closer.

Neither has found true love, probably because that’s what they feel for each other, although never voiced or, precisely admitted.  There is a third Army buddy who has recently married and whose wife is now pregnant with their first child who will also figure heavily in the story.

Both Dusty and Nate have been afraid to keep their relationship as anything more than friendship, not knowing how the other feels and not willing to risk it. The author brings us into both men’s torn emotions and deep love for each other.  We see their history and just how perfect their are for each other.

It takes a blast to knock them out of the stasis they’ve been in.

The rest of the novel is a scary rollercoaster of explosions, suspense, acknowledgement of feelings, and the hunt for the terrorist setting off the blasts.

It’s one wild ride every way you look at it.

The men and their relationship (and families) are easy to connect to, the drama full of suspense even if you pinpoint the bommer early on, and the ending just the right amount of sex, hot spcy food, and HEA you need in your contemporary romance from this author.

And I can see who might be getting the next romance.  Bring it on!

Cover Artist: Alexandria Corza,  Simple and eye catching.  It really works.

Sales Links:  Dreamspinner Press | Amazon

Book Details:

ebook, 214 pages
Published May 6th 2016 by Dreamspinner Press
ISBN 1632168057 (ISBN13: 9781632168054)
Edition Language English

Series Border Crossing

Bombs and Guacamole

Ammo and Enchiladas coming June 11th

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