An Alisa Review : Afflicted to the Core (Wielder World #3) by Nat Kennedy

Rating:  4 stars out of 5

Reggie Wolfe religiously visits Kyle Landon—his student in Nerve detangling—at the Harpford Disentanglement Center, where the younger man has been incarcerated on trumped up charges. During one of Reggie’s visits, Kyle’s able to warn his teacher of an imminent unauthorized transfer by an unknown shadow agency. Reggie demands help from his sister at the Bureau of Wielder Services but is pressed to take the matter into his own hands when bureaucratic red-tape stymies her actions. Breaking into a secret medical installation, Reggie and August Whalen find Kyle and six other men hooked to IVs, unknown chemicals pumping into their systems.

The three are caught up in a quest to find an antidote for the drugs and discover who is behind the powerful anti-male Wielder organization. On this dangerous road, will they forever remain friends or give in to their growing attraction?

This world is so interesting and complicated at the same time.  I am not gonna lie, I haven’t read the first two books in a while but I remember being severely confused at times and it happened a bit in this book too.  There is just so much going on, so many people to keep track of and so much hiding it makes you slow down and pause while reading.

Reggie an Wielder World d Kyle were in the first book while the second focused on August and how he ended up tangled up in this mess too.  Bethany, Reggie’s sister and BWS agent, is a help and a hindrance at times and I hate watching her fight against herself and trying to figure out the right thing to do.  I liked her much more in this book than the last as she basically sent August to the slaughter before but seems to be redeeming herself.

I liked watching Reggie find the acceptance he thought he wouldn’t get with Kyle and August, he is so self-conscious and has a hard time letting go of the strict control he has lived his life under that these two were perfect to shake things up a bit.  Now Kyle, man he is determined to make Reggie see things his way and both August and Reggie want to protect him from harm.  August is the most independent of the three and doesn’t get involved right away but really is the one to bring them all together the tightest.

I really look forward to what else is in store for these three but also to see if Bethany can take down the bad guys and possible even change the world’s viewpoint on male weilders.

The cover art by Deranged Doctor Design follows the form from the first couple books but I like how it still stands out from the others and that is gives us a picture of the three MCs.

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Book Details:

ebook, 260 pages

Publication: June 14, 2019

Edition Language: English

Series:#3Wielder World

By Scattered Thoughts

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  1. Thanks so much for the great review! I’m glad you liked it and sorry it’s confusing. I’ll work on that in the next one. Thanks again!


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