A MelanieM Review: Killer Reunion (Donald Strachey Mystery #16) by Richard Stevenson

Rating: 4.75 stars out of 5

It’s a family reunion in the era of American tribal politics, and what could go wrong? Plenty, including murder, when the Callahan clan convenes at a New England country inn and one of the most politically outspoken relatives is the victim of a bizarre poisoning.

Timothy Callahan and his long-time spouse, Albany PI Don Strachey, contend not just with dampened spirits but with injustice when a misguided local cop zeroes in on an innocent Callahan. PI Strachey has to unearth a complicated family’s hidden history, nail the real killer, and expose an act of long-contained violent rage in this disturbing tale of the way we live now.

Richard Stevenson is now on his sixteenth novel in his Donald Strachey Mystery series and he has this character, his husband, and the series that revolves about them down to a fine or make that slightly gritty, occasionally comical, and always delectable piece of art!

I’ve been a huge fan of this author and series from the beginning and in multiple formats.  From the first novel, Death Trick, to the four movies made for here! tv from four of the series stories (which were incredible btw), I watched the character of Donald Strachey grow with the times, his personality mature, find love with Timothy Callahan, marry and settle with said Timothy into a happy established couple.  What an absolute joy it’s been!  All while solving some stuplying and some downright horrific mystery cases.

In Killer Reunion (Donald Strachey Mystery #16), author  Richard Stevenson has given Timothy and cousin Beth the daunting task of assembling the Callahan clan for a family reunion.in a picturesque, read old, inn in the country.  Half the family is rabid Trumpites with their MAGA hats, the other half rabid liberals with their Bernie pins.  One rule of the gathering?  No politics!  There’s also a funeral, broken promises, an ex con, and more twists and turns then you can imagine when a dead body (a relative shows up and Donald is enlisted to help solve the mystery.

Killer Reunion is a good old fashioned page turner in the very best way,  The police thought they knew who done it, Donald knew better but  had to find the real murderer. And in between?  Some honest to God chortling, huge surprises, great twists and plot turns, and more of the layered, marvelous characters I have come to love and expect from this series and author.  The non-judgemental quality that shines from Donald is one of the nicest elements in the series and something I have always enjoyed about this character.  Here it has never been on display more.

If you are a fan of mysteries , grab this one up and start reading immediately.  You will love it.  No real romance.  For that return to the previous stories and see how Donald and Timothy met and fell in love.  Killer Reunion is all mystery and a great one at that.  Enjoy!  I highly recommend it.

Cover art:  Very fitting for the story and location.

Sales Links:  MLR Press Amazon

Book Details:

Published April 25th 2019 by MLR Books
Series Donald Strachey #16

Check out the Goodreads link to the entire series:

Donald Strachey (16 books)
by Richard Stevenson

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