A Chaos Moondrawn Review : Patron of Mercy (Lords of the Underworld #3) by Sam Burns & W.M Fawkes

Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

This is a series where the gods are living amongst humans in modern times. It was described as a standalone, so even though this is the third in the series, I tried it and I didn’t feel like I missed anything. This is the story of a couple who break up when Glaucus pushes Thanatos away, afraid he will be brokenhearted when the god gets bored with him and leaves. Of course, centuries later they are both still heartbroken. When Demeter throws a temper tantrum and stops the crops from growing, Glaucus, now going by the name Lach, asks Thanatos to help him. He needs a Titan, but he really wants to get Thanatos to forgive him. Much of the book is Lach trying to spend as much time with Thanatos as possible in the hope of reconciliation.

There is a glossary in case you don’t know anything about Greek myths. As a Pagan I always hope maybe someone will write the personalities a little more realistically, but it’s always just fun–the gods acting as the author wants them to. Thanatos is hurt that people are afraid of him–he is the god of merciful death and is a bit of a pacifist marshmallow compared to the other gods. Misericordia, Lach’s magic sentient boat, is a good foil even though she can’t speak, but none of the other characters are really three dimensional. The Fidelis Filii cult as the bad guys are pretty ridiculous, but even fools can wreak havoc. Lach is a liar, pirate, and thief with a big heart and is mostly harmless. He is supposed to be the charming rogue persona that plays for laughs, however this doesn’t have the humor of, say, the Brandywine Investigations series by Angel Martinez. Still one of my favorite quotes for this is, “he didn’t get to push happiness away just to sate that broken part of him that felt like he hadn’t earned it—not if it meant hurting the person he loved,” which shows the growth arc of Lach. This is imaginative and has some genuine heartwarming moments. The sexy times are well done, both in terms of heat and moving the relationship forward.

The cover art was created by Natasha Snow Designs. I believe this is Thanatos on the cover. I don’t really understand this background, but it may be when he portals from one place to another. It is striking.

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 272 pages
Published July 18th 2019
Edition Language English
Series Lords of the Underworld #3

Lords of the Underworld Series

Prince of Death – Amazon US | Amazon UK | Universal Link
Prisoner Of Shadows – Amazon US | Amazon UK | Universal Link

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