A Vivacious Review: Repeat Offence by Jackie Keswick

Rating: 3 Stars out of 5

In their afterlife, Hiro and Taz are judged and found guilty. As punishment, they must continue to live their lives but on opposite sides of the veil, always. The moment they find themselves together at the time of death is when their punishment will be fulfilled. But living years, centuries without each other is taking a toll and when the time comes to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, what will they do given the punishment they received before for the same crime?

The premise of this story is quite extraordinary and I liked how the author executed her vision of where the story was going.

Hiro and Taz are lovers? friends? The story doesn’t specify. This miffed me a little because it is left up to the reader to decide what kind of a relationship these two share. Considering the overwhelming tones of wanting to be together, it could be a romantic one but it wouldn’t be a stretch to see this as platonic. There is the decided lack of other lovers which helps the romantic angle. Also, the fact that they try to figure out a way to communicate from opposite sides of the veil that builds up the romantic angle but again the fact that nothing is explicit is a little disappointing. I felt like we were building up to the moment where they would be able to meet each other again after centuries on opposite sides of the veil and at that moment I wanted to see some tangible outward expression of emotion that would make the moment worth it, but it didn’t happen.

The implied nature of Hiro and Taz can only be expressed through their wish to talk and keep talking to each other which I have to agree is a pretty good description of a soul mate. But, again that interpretation of seeing them as such is left upon the reader. I personally can identify their longing for each other and I liked how something as simple as the way they talk to each other can communicate so much.

I liked the setting of this story and the mythos that was created to explain the world and its working. It was a novel idea, having them be punished for something that did a lot of good put a whole new twist on the judgement they received. The judges really do seem like a novel concept. Hiro and Taz are quite developed characters and considering the paucity of words the author does a good job of making sure Hiro and Taz feel like two separate beings with their own individual quirks.

Overall, this story is unique especially in the story it tells and the way it tells it but whether the story will be satisfying is entirely up to the reader’s interpretation.

Cover by Pavelle Art is very appropriate for the story’s setting.

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 1st edition, 69 pages
Expected publication: August 14th 2019 by Jackie Keswick
Edition LanguageEnglish
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