A MelanieM Review: Under Review by Meg Harding

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Nathan Barres has always loved hockey more than anything else, and as captain of his team the pressure is on to perform well. When a hook up with Felix Moore stirs feelings he’s not comfortable with, he flees the scene. He’s not expecting to see Felix ever again. So when an injury knocks him out at the start of a new season, he’s less than pleased to see the Winnipeg Wolves newest physical therapist is none other than his one night fling.

Time hasn’t dulled their chemistry, and Nathan’s feelings are back like they’d never left. When Felix proposes a way to burn through the energy between them, how is Nathan supposed to say no. It might be all fun and games to Felix, but Nathan needs to get whatever this is out of his system. Unrequited love? No, thank you.

I am always thrilled to find new hockey romance stories and the authors that write them and Under Review by Meg Harding fits the bill in both categories. With a new NHL season about the start, this is the perfect time to pick up and dive into the world of team captain Nathan Barres of the Winnipeg Wolves and his shaky, stumbling path to love and HEA with PT Felix Moore.

A must for me when reading any hockey romance is that the author gets hockey.  They need to understand the game, team dynamics, that goalies are generally a unique sort of human being, and, hopefully, when (not if , when) they include action on the ice, they make the game as exciting as it is in RL.   Why?  Because men who play hockey, no matter the level, well, they love this game with a passion.   Some have been on skates as soon as they could walk.  And the bests of  our hockey romance writers get that and it shows in their stories.  Thankfully, so does Meg Harding.

When Nathan is injured and can’t play?  It’s not that he’s pouting back in his house because he’s off the ice, not its because part of him is missing without the game and his team.  Harding is able to deliver that man, a full on intact layered personality and definitely someone we care about.  Nathan is full of jumbled emotions and thoughts, all of which we are privy to because he is our point of view for the story.  His is a strong if sometimes confused voice and it’s easy to identify with him.

Felix Moore, as seen through the eyes of Nathan, is a little bit more of a enigma.  We don’t always understand the thoughts processes behind his actions nor do we get a real feeling for his background.  We do get a fleeting recitation of a history but it’s not a substitute for a missing emotional foundation. However, I did like Felix with all his mixed signals.  Communication was not the strong point here for either man.  And I almost, ok, did want that second point of view here.  I would have loved to have seen Nathan at different times in this story through Felix’s eyes.

There are multiple strong secondary characters here, although I dislike calling them that, mostly Nathan’s teammates and their SO’s.  From Thor and his gf Lucy (what an amazing couple they  made, Renner, Sasha, and more.  They made a supporting family for both Nathan and Felix to start, work out issues, and finally have a relationship within their secure circle of friendship.

I have a list of hockey romances we recommend and now I have one more to add to our list.  I love it when that happens. Under Review by Meg Harding is well written, has great characters, exciting action on the ice and a wonderful ending.  Everything you would hope for in a contemporary hockey romance.  Pick it up and start reading today.

Cover art is disappointing as it lacks any discerning hockey features that would indicate that this is a hockey oriented storyline with hockey players. Just too generic.Meh.

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 155 pages
Published September 20th 2019 by Oceanside Press

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