A Barb the Zany Old Lady Review: Kel’s Keeper by KC Wells

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

I enjoyed this story of twenty-four-year-old Kel Taylor, home from school for semester break when tragedy strikes his family, and he’s left without his parents. His next-door neighbor, Luc Bryant, steps in to help him, and Kel virtually moves in with the silver fox as he becomes dependent on the older man. Luc is forty-OKseven, runs a software development business from home, and has a crush on Kel ever since Kel reached maturity. Luc is a caretaker, a loving, giving person so it’s no hardship at all for him to help Kel, and when they each learn the other is gay and they are attracted to each other, their relationship becomes more. 

And here’s where I had my first negative reaction: I was a bit put off by how quickly they went from zero to full-on penetrative sex. Kel was raised by a preacher father and very zealously religious family, including his grandfather who is a missionary. He’s still a virgin, even though he knows he’s gay. I would have liked to see his intimacy with Luc develop slowly, with a little frottage, blow jobs, hand jobs, kissing, and more before they have anal sex. But in one night they went all the way. Granted, the scene was hot. After all, this is KC Wells. Still…

During the rest of the time that summer their relationship continues to grow. Luc stresses the importance of truth and full disclosure; he reinforces Kel’s behavior with assigned tasks; they go out to eat and out to Kel’s first gay club, Luc explaining and answering all Kel’s questions. But they both realize they love the other and yet neither admits it out loud. And not only that, they both perpetuate the idea that Kel will go back to school and possibly move away. Then there’s the daddy issue. Luc wants his boy to be his forever, with all that encompasses. He wants to take care of Kel, guide him, discipline him, etc. And he wants to be Kel’s Daddy. But daddies are barely mentioned in the early chapters of the story. Yes, Kel learns what they are, mostly by watching porn videos, but I had hoped Luc would explain that his own dream is to have a boy who can freely call him Daddy and let him be his Daddy in every way. And that’s where the story fell short for me. I wanted it. Luc wanted it. Kel wanted it. But nothing happened until the end of the story. So although my impression was this story was about Daddy kink, it really wasn’t, not to me. 

That being said, it is still a lovely romance and great story, with lots of hurt-comfort, recovery from grief, coming out, growing up, and falling in love. I definitely recommend it to those who enjoy age gap romance.

The cover, designed by Meredith Russell, features an older man gazing down at a young man sporting a chest tattoo. Both men exactly match the descriptions of the MCs in this story. 

Sales Link:  Amazon

Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 240 pages
Published September 1st 2019
Edition Language English

By Scattered Thoughts

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