A Stella Review: Things Happen That Way (Mann of My Dreams #2) by Tinnean

RATING 4,5 out of 5 stars

Quinton Mann and Mark Vincent are settling into a relationship that shouldn’t be possible. After all, Quinn is CIA, while Mark belongs to the WBIS, an agency labeled by others in the intelligence community as being staffed by sociopaths. Somehow, in spite of that, they seem to be making it work.

Surprisingly, it isn’t work that separates them but family matters and a friend’s plea for help when his partner is kidnapped. Quinn is off to London, while Mark heads for Los Angeles to solve the kidnapping. Then Mark gets called to Paris by Femme of the Division, where things are not as they seem. Quinn, thinking to meet Mark in Paris, ends up coming to Mark’s rescue. Back in the States, Mark fights taking time to recover from being shot while events are happening at the CIA that could endanger both Quinn and his best friend, DB.

Between family, friends, and Mark, how will Quinn make the opportunity to talk to Mark about moving in together and even starting a family?

This second installment in the Mann of My Dreams series was a little surprise to me. The first half of the story tells me what happened during the last chapters of the previous title, but from Quinn’s POV. I thought I was going to be bored, I already knew what happened, why the author was going to repeat an already told story? Instead it was perfect this way, she gave me the chance to know Quinn and his world a little better. Especially cause in the first book there were actually quite few scenes where the two men were physically together and I learned what Vincent did, but I was missing a lot about Quinn.

I followed him through his journey with his mum, when he met his uncles, and later when he went to save his lover. Quinn is truly a lovely man, so enthusiastic, so full of love for his mum, their relationship was so beautiful to attend. He is basically the son every mum should have, the friend each of us would have, ready to support you no matter what. Altought all his positive qualities, although his job, his character seemed to me very real and that’s one of the reason why I love Tinnean so much. Her stories are all engaging, well written and believable. I can’t wait for the next title in this series, I’m curious to know if Vince and Quinn will be able to spend more time together and try to start their own family. I’m crossing my fingers for them.

I don’t like the cover art, it’s too simple and colourless, moreover there’s no one element that fits the plot.

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ebook, 464 pages

Publication Date Wednesday 07 August, 2019

ISBN: 9781311775979

Edition Language English

By Scattered Thoughts

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