A MelanieM Review: Unbreakable (a Heaven and Hell Club prequel) by Colette Davison

Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Mac’s life isn’t perfect, but he likes it the way it is: safe and predictable.

Mac works in a struggling pole dancing club at night, and a gym during the day. He’s tired and cash strapped, but content, until a confident twink walks into the club and turns his life upside down. It’s hard to resist when Russel asks him to be his fake boyfriend for one night, in return for double his normal take-home pay.

One date turns into more, as Mac helps Russell get an exclusive that will secure him the job he’s always wanted. But the rich playboy who holds Russel’s career in his hands isn’t going to give him the scoop so easily.

As Mac and Russel spend more time together, the lines between fake and real begin to get blurred, but can their relationship become strong enough to be unbreakable in the face of adversity?

Unbreakable is a fake boyfriend MM romance, with a buff pole dancer who swears like a trooper, a twink who likes to take charge, some spanking, light bondage, and a happy ever after. It’s a prequel story to Broken, but can be read as a standalone romance.

It had been a while since I had read a Colette Davison story and after reading this, I really have to wonder why it took me so long.  This author (and this series) is definitely back on my radar and on my TBR pile after reading the endearing, very hot, and quite wonderful prequel Unbreakable (Heaven and Hell Club) by Colette Davison.

Unbreakable is the origin story that sets up the couples and foundation for the series Heaven and Hell, a strip club.  Here we leap into the club at its very seedy beginnings and original name, with three of its exotic dancers.  While how the club gets established is a secondary story thread (although still very important), the main plot here is the meeting, romance, and relationship between exotic dancer Mac and fashion layout designer/reporter Russell.  The characterizations here is where the book just shines.

Characterizations and the D/s relationship that develops between Mac and Russell.  Honestly, I will probably give the story a 5 star review based on Davison’s careful  (and accurate) slow advancement of the bdsm and Dom/submissive aspect of their relationship.  The author demonstrates that you can both show how hot it is, while also threading in for those new to the elements of submission as was Mac, such necessary rules such as aftercare, safe words, respect, and prior discussions of what is expected and what is not allowed by each party.  All the while keeping the scene romantic and very sexy, and yes, vulnerable.  This continues throughout the story, something that just commands my respect and committed me to their relationship and romance.

Additionally, each man had their own demons to fight.  Those were very believable given the backgrounds the author provided for us.  I love the way each man started working, with help from the other, their way through those issues.  The personal growth demonstrated here again just drew me in.  So too the details of each man’s physicality. Mac is big, strong, fluid as a dancer, and yet imposing physically.  Russell is considered a femme with his dress, slight build, and actions.  However, their roles in the bedroom are the opposite of what most ppl have assumed about them.

There is another interesting plot thread here that helps cement their relationship and that carries us into the end of the story.

There is also the wonderful couple of Michael and Edward who will become the owners of Heaven and Hell and hopefully we will get their full story later on.

Unbreakable (a Heaven and Hell Club prequel) by Colette Davison is beautifully written, full of great characters, a hot and very well done D/s relationship, and a great way to launch a series I can’t wait to read.  Do I recommend it?  You betcha!   Grab it up today!

Cover artist: Colette Davison.  This cover says it all.  Love it madly!

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition
Published November 14th 2019
Edition Language English

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