A Lucy Review: A Christmas Wedding: A snowy London love story (Rory & Jack #3) by A.E. Ryecart

Rating: 3 stars out of 5

Christmas is around the corner, and so is Rory Kincaid’s wedding to Jack De Lacy, the man of his dreams. Everything will be perfect — or it would be if Rory didn’t have to contend with Jack’s mother the indomitable, aristocratic Lady Diana.

At long last, Rory’s life is on track. Settled and happy, he’s looking forward to a bright future with the man who saved him from a life on the streets. But the strain is beginning to show. The simple Christmas wedding he and Jack dreamed of is growing… and growing… under Diana’s single-minded management.

Rory is everything Jack has ever craved. Sweet and kind, Rory’s an adorable mix of shyness and courage. All Jack wants is for their Christmas, winter wonderland wedding to be perfect for the man he loves — which means taking a stand against, tradition, family, and Diana.

This is the third installment of Jack and Rory’s story.  In book one, Jack found Rory at Christmas time, homeless and huddled on his doorstep.  They have evolved in their relationship since that time.  Met at Christmas, engaged at Christmas and now about to have a Christmas Eve wedding.  They have opened their bakery, The Bakehouse, and it is very successful.  Great, except it means they are incredibly busy, especially Rory as he does all the baking.  Add in the wedding plans and it’s starting to really pressure him. 

I have to say the blurb was a little misleading.  Yes, Diana is in charge of the wedding plans.  Yes, on a few occasions she makes decisions without consulting them.  However, I felt the decisions were not huge deals – a few extra people at the wedding, an arrangement about the cake.  There really is not “take a stand against Diana” at all. 

The book is more about the two of them, established in their relationship, taking that next step to a wedding.  I did lower my rating some because in this book Jack and Rory are extremely sappy.  I like sweetness and some sap but this went over the top for me.  They were constantly declaring how much they loved each other, forever and always. Rory sometimes questions his worth to this historic family but he really is accepted unconditionally.

The actual conflict here comes from an entirely different direction.  It is not a huge thing and the book really is angst-free, but I felt the way Rory handled it showed what a good person he is.

Side characters, Diana, Jack’s sister Caroline, Mabel and Lance from The Bakehouse, were interesting and well fleshed out. 

The cover by Meredith Russell/Tammy Clarke, showing Rory and Jack in their bespoke wedding suits, was perfect.

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Book Details:

Kindle Edition, 170 pages
Expected publication: November 19th 2019
SeriesRory & Jack #3

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