An Alisa Review: Awakening (Wild Oak #1) by J.J. Harper

Rating:  4 stars out of 5

A prophecy, a True Alpha, and fated mates. Can Ascha accept that his life has changed forever?

At twenty-one, Ascha Stanton has it all: a wonderful family, great friends, a long-term girlfriend, and a promising career as an NFL star.

The appearance of three unknown men in his small town changes everything. Not only his life and future but also what he always thought himself to be: straight. Why then is he attracted to the handsome auburn-haired Thaddeus? How can Ascha hear his thoughts? And even more intriguing, what does the mark on both their chests mean?

Thaddeus explains a new path has been paved for him, one with the Wild Oak pack, who has been waiting for seventy years for the True Alpha to show himself and fulfill the prophecy.

Will Ascha accept that Thaddeus is the man he’s destined to be with, and will the rival pack accept him as their new leader?

Awakening is book one of an MM Wolf shifter series with elements of fantasy and mention of Mpreg. It includes some sweet loving, a lot of disbelief and more than a little snark.

I really enjoyed this book, though I felt as is Ascha was thrown into a situation where if he had had a little bit of background it would have prevented some of the grief.  I think this is a great start to this new series and look forward to seeing more of how these guys deal with the conflict coming their way and hopefully we’ll get to see Thad have a baby in the future.

I can understand Ascha’s hesitation at giving up his whole life because of a prophesy but was glad that he was able to understand it, though I don’t think the whole Ascha being trapped back at school really helped the story, it just made the college look bad.  I really enjoyed Ascha’s attitude and snark, he’s not going to let someone talk him into something he doesn’t feel is necessary but he can also understand the benefit of some things (even if it takes a bit of convincing and time).

I liked Thad, though I wish they would have talked about the fact that he hadn’t had anal sex with someone either because it was one of the things that bugged Ascha right away (even if he didn’t vocalize it).  Thad was quite understanding for the most part though he had times understanding Ascha’s hesitation since he has lived as a wolf his entire life.  I also enjoyed the interactions with Thad’s friends and then when Ashca’s friend Sam joined them and Thad’s father was a great support for them both, Caleb needed to learn to tone it down and I’m still unsure of his attitude and how he will act in the future.

I really like the cover art by Tammy Clarke and think it works well for the story.

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Book Details:

ebook, 268 pages

Published: November 23, 2019

Edition Language: English

Series: Wild Oak #1

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