Review: Socially Orcward (Adventures in Aguillon #3) by Lisa Henry and Sarah Honey

Rating: 5 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

How I love this series! It really has everything to offer lovers of fantasy stories.

There’s exciting action, espionage (well eggs and spinach but you’re going to get it ), outstanding humor both gentle and guffaw worthy, and so much love in all its aspects it threatens to tumble out of the pages.

Oh, and did I mention dragons? Tiny, middle sized, graceful to downright awkward dragons! Magic no matter the stage of growth they find themselves in and utterly charming.

Perfect companions to Dave, our lovely gentle Orc of the previous storylines and adventures. Now happily ensconced in the Kings tower turned dragon incubator and sanctuary, he’s now in charge of all things dragons for Kings Quentin and Loth.

All’s well. And when a similar dragon loving soul named Simon appears in the kitchen and brings food to the tower, things look even brighter.

Such great characters, Dave and Simon! With such tremendous travails before them. Including figuring out what the new emotions they are feeling means, to themselves and eventually each other. Especially when neither has had a relationship and what they see or hear from others doesn’t sound like something they might want.

Socially Orcward is both about fantasy adventures, with dragons, and a complex story about figuring out who you are, what you stand for, and accepting the same for the one you love. I laughed….a lot. Really, the authors pulled the thespian joke and it’s still hilarious.

And I brought out the tissues in places too because both authors got right into the hearts of Simon, and Dave…. and it hurt. And then it soared, as it should.

Which made that last line and the ending so incredibly satisfying and heartwarming. Perfection really.

Everyone is happy. Even Scott.

Who saw that coming?

Adventures in Aquillon just made my comfort reads list as well as automatically recommended.

Incredibly well written, beautifully plotted, outstanding characters, with lines that have the capability to make me burst out laughing or equally shed tears.

Honestly? Farmyard fornicator? Dirty alchemist? Certain things will live on …. Not sure if I should send the authors unspeakable gingerbread as thanks or threats for these mind worms…..

Either way, read for yourself. I’m highly recommending them all, including Socially Orcward


Red Heir (Adventures in Aguillon #1

Elf Defense -2

Socially Orcward-3

See the above Goodreads link for all buying options for the series.

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