Perils of a Papillon (Fuzzy Love 3) by Tara Lain

Rating: 5 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

A series that’s centered around the smarts of a Papillon? One called the Queen of The Universe, aka Batshit Crazy? Love it!

As someone familiar with the breed ( a groomer of mine had 3 he brought to work with him), the author captured their high intelligence and marvelous personality to perfection. Loved the way Lain wove the antics of this wonder dog into her plot of suspense and mystery. With its aspects of academia job applicants , stress/joy of teaching and then the romance with all the characters, human and animal…well, it’s is just so entertaining and quite wonderful.

Animals done well in books always add that extra layer of warmth and layers for me. Here Bat, Harry, and Cat were the perfect characters and plot foils time after time. Paired with their humans, their dynamics allows us a window into each person’s character and sometimes current emotional state, showing us a vulnerability we might not see otherwise.

Cat the abandoned Abyssinian works so beautifully with Jack Sparks, a human being, isolated by history and need. Harry the ingratiating pit bull in love with Bat works perfectly as a foil for the twins, the adorable Toby Albertine and his sister Molly. Toby the twin in need of a fake boyfriend and a real love life. And Batshit the super Papillon who brings everything and everyone together.

Humor is also a lovely part of the storyline, especially with regard to the animals and their association with each other . Bat is after all Harry’s true ❤️.

It’s a fast paced, emotionally satisfying, well written story. And it ties up the 3-book series in a way that everyone will love. Including me.

This is a marvelous story. Read them all and see for yourself which of Bat’s capers come the closest to your heart.

Reviewers And Dog Lover/owners note: Like tv series and movies, a book can make a breed so irresistible that it makes people want one for themselves, without exactly checking out if that breed is right for you and your lifestyle.

Tara Lain does a responsible job here in noting aspects of the Papillon breed that make it not for everyone. They are highly energetic and intelligent. They are territorial, and yes bark…..a lot. Alarm barking, hey look what’s passing by, what’s that sound barking. It’s part of the breed and she had her characters mention that repeatedly, albeit fondly and sometimes with exasperation.

They do outstanding as agility dogs because they need an outlet for that intelligence and energy. Don’t confuse this breed with that of a lap dog. Uh no. 😂

Want to explore more ? YouTube Papillon in agility and Papillon dog facts. They are a fantastic breed….for the right people.

Fuzzy Love Series:

Passions of a Papillon

Prancing of a Papillon

Perils of a Papillon

Find all your buying options for the series here:

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