Review: Hope on the Rocks (Rainbow Cove #4) by Annabeth Albert

Rating: 5 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

What can I say? What a outstanding story! And not the least of which because every element comes across as a fully adult intelligent relationship that’s being explored, grown, and in the end, committed to.


Rainbow Cove is a terrific series, heartwarming, rainbow, and yes, kinky.

Hope on the Rocks delivers up the story of bartender/co owner of Rainbow Tavern, Adam Ringer’s, path to a very beautiful and somewhat kinky HEA.

His partner to be? Dr Quinn Strauss, the town’s GP who’s current heartbreak leads him to Adam’s bar, a load of cocktails and a drunken confession about his secret desire for a Daddy.

Which just so happens to fit beautifully in with Adam’s need to be a Daddy, especially to the appealing man before him so in need of being taken care of.

What follows is first an agreement for a summer friends with benefits arrangement, no ties, to help Quinn explore fully his sexual/emotional desire for a Daddy.

As with the previous story. Lumber Jacked, which explored rope kink, beautifully so, Hope on the Rocks focuses its men and their burgeoning relationship around their mutual desire/need for Daddy kink. Albert expertly uses her characters and their relationship to explain exactly what this type of kink means and how it fits into a committed partnership.

Far from any sort of sex tutelage into Daddy role play, we get a sexy, moving, and meaningful story, full of adult communication on each other’s needs, expectations, and secret desires. Safety and trust, patience and love. All seen and experienced by Quinn and Adam as their summer and relationship deepens.

What barriers there are to overcome are ones that are equally realistic and ones I appreciate as they affected their dynamic. Demands by family, fears generated by past history, even work schedules…..all that rings so true.

The men are so sympathetic and engaging, both separately and as a couple that I read this story from start to finish without stopping. That’s a true measure for me of how much I love a book and how fully I’m involved in that universe and couple.

Here? It was 100 percent, I was all in and didn’t want to leave them and Rainbow Cove behind at the end.

I have no idea how many more stories the author intends to write in this series but here’s hoping that Rainbow Cove’s future is bright, as shiny and wonderful as this story and all those before it.

Consider this and them highly recommended!🌈

Rainbow Cove series:

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Hope On the Rocks (Rainbow Cove #4)


Hope on the Rocks (Rainbow Cove #4)

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