Review: His Fairy Share (Starfig Investigations #3) by Meghan Maslow

Rating: 5 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

All Quinn wants is his fairy share of happiness. Is that so much to ask?

Now on book 3 of Meghan Maslow’s Starfig Investigations series and, as they say, the plots just keep getting thicker! Much to my total delight and absolute entertainment.

I say plots because this series and each story contains multiple storylines, each as convoluted and mysterious as the next.

And with each new case and adventure (or should that be misadventures) our stalwart found family and couple set out on, we get more! More of the questions each book asks, more enhanced landscape of the world map and cultures, and yes, new characters and relationships.

We are left joyfully panting for answers as well as the next book and case. So are our couple, Twig and Quinn.

His Fairy Share has to be the most poignant and moving story yet of all the three tales. Needing answers to the questions about their potential mate bonding and Quinn’s powers, and with a Witches Council summon in hand, they head to the last place Quinn ever wanted to return…the human realm.

Is there ever any element more fraught with dread anticipation, pain, anger, and the ability to bring forth the worst as well as the hopes of the past then returning home? Especially a home that helped sell you into sexual slavery?

Maslow does an incredible job of getting into the emotional state and mind of Quinn as he enters back into the quagmire that is this realm.

The author creates a place of ritual, magic, rigid regulations to go along with a Witches culture so hidebound and structured that it’s claustrophobic almost to read certain passages. We are truly there in spirit and it’s awful.

Such a place is lightened by some new splendid characters like Two Toes the Tavern keeper, librarian Beckett, and , of course, that irrepressible younger brother Zak!

Honestly this story belongs in the movie theater! There’s sea battles to take your breath away, pirates, ghosts, more amazing heart racing action than you can imagine.

All executed beautifully and with great passion by Maslow.

The most magnificent is towards the end… something I will absolutely not spoil for any reader but it will have you cheering. Just warn the neighbors if your walls are thin.

The ending is just the right touch after all the high action that went before. Instead of blasting, fire, and hells a blazing, we get subtlety, mischief, love, and a whole lot of more questions, in the very best of ways.

To sum up! Magnificently written, fantastic moving storylines, and characters to die for. My favorite yet.

Don’t miss out on this book or this incredible series. They should be read in the order they were written for full plot development and characters/relationships growth.

I consider all three must reads and can’t wait for the fourth installment coming out in September!

Need a new fantasy book and series? Start here. Highly recommended.

Starfig Investigations:

By Fairy Means or Foul

Be Fairy Game

His Fairy Share

Fairy Impartial – coming in September

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