Review: Firefly Lane (Briar County #1) by Riley Hart

Rating 4.5 🌈

Recently I’ve been reading books with older characters, in their 40’s and one aspect I’ve appreciated about these stories from various authors is the open and adult communication that flows between most of these characters.

Firefly Lane is a great example of this level of open communication. It exists not just among the primary characters but also throughout the community of the town of Harmony, whether it’s blunt questions or advice. It’s still on the open adult communication scale .

Hart’s themes for this story run the gamut from the ability to grow and change one’s outlook, no matter your age to the notion that finding your true home has no timetable. Even such basics as you aren’t your parents. There’s a multitude of storylines here. All unpacked with care and intelligence.

At the heart of the story is not a couple of men but more a intersecting triangles of families, all of equal importance to this story and beautifully crafted.

The first family that launches the novel and action is that of two siblings. Holden Barnett, pilot out of Atlanta, and his estranged younger sister, Marilee Young, and her teenage son Sean. The sister and son in deep need, living in Harmony, NC.

The second family, one that’s deeply established and well liked in town is that of Monroe “Roe” Covington of the huge Covington family, his teenage son Wyatt who he had with his best friend Lindsey. Roe is out gay man to all around him and has been since his teenage years, although his closeness to Lindsey has people thinking , wrongly, they still might get together.

The foundation Hart starts to lay down here for the series is solid. We feel a warm, layered community, full of interesting people, some busybodies, many far more intriguing and caring.

And as we see our way around Harmony and get to know the citizens, the past histories and real issues are coming to the surface within the two families.

It’s never just problems with Holden and Marilee and Sean. Because their heavy issues impact Roe, Wyatt, and Lindsey. All as we watch, we see parents/uncles weighing what effect their adult relationships will have on their sons as well as their sons/nephews relationships. Yes, people actually acting as responsible adults. Love it.

All the while, keeping the romance sexy, endearing, and vulnerable.

There’s also a back history of parental abuse ( mentioned , never seen) with Holden and Marilee’s folks as well as Sean’s father Adam, Marilee’s absent husband. That plays into much of the story here, and finally figures into the personal growth.

I found this to be a terrific story. So many layers, great characters and foundation Town to get acquainted with.

I can’t wait to the next in the series and eagerly look forward to seeing all these people and couples once more.

Briar County series: › seriesBriar County Series by Riley Hart – Firefly Lane – Goodreads

Firefly Lane #1

Sundae’s Best #2. – coming soon

Synopsis: At forty-three, Holden Barnett is getting along just fine. His job as a pilot keeps him from getting restless, and he’s got a man who doesn’t want promises for the future. One phone call from his estranged sister changes everything. She needs his help, so Holden drops everything and heads to Harmony, a small town in Briar County, which represents everything he’s tried to avoid in life.

Monroe Covington is forty-five and happy. He loves his life—running his store, helping at his family’s farm, and spending his days with his best friend, Lindsey, and their son, Wyatt. Sure, half the town likes to forget he’s gay, and he’d love for the queer population to be bigger, but Roe makes do. He misses dating, relationships, and a man to hold at night, but at least he gets new eye candy when Holden, the brother of the woman who’s renting his cabin, shows up.

The attraction is instant, the friendship not far behind, but between Holden’s initial relationship status, family complications, and the two of them wanting different things, they’re a disaster waiting to happen…only it doesn’t feel that way, not with how much time they spend talking, laughing, and eventually, tumbling into bed, a field, or the back of a truck together. The closer they get, the more Holden realizes that just being fine isn’t enough, and Roe begins to see that his life isn’t as complete as he thought. Now, if they could only sort out the rest of it…

Firefly Lane is a small town, strangers-to-friends-to-lovers summer romance with no cheating, mature characters who talk out their problems, like to work with their hands, and have amazing chemistry. Did I mention they watch movies in the company of goats?

Firefly Lane

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