Review: One Bite With a Vampire (Hidden Species #2) by Louisa Masters

Rating: 5 🌈

One Bite With a Vsmpire introduces us to Noah Cage, a human who is one of the most fascinating characters of the Hidden Species series. Noah’s personality and character is one of unknown depths, continual growth, and unexpected revelation.

Honestly, even at the end of the series finale, I felt as though the life force and Louisa Masters wasn’t done with Noah yet.

He’s almost mesmerizing in his grumpiness, painful past of which we are never fully cognizant, and inability to fully trust.

His scary journey here to the CSG and the found family of species within the inner circle of the Lucifer is a white knuckle ride.

That it’s Andrew Turner, the 800 year old vampire, with a fondness for cake and snark who’s the being that’s the one at Noah’s side? Both a touch of perfection and source of poignancy.

For as irritation slides into lust and then something more, what’s continually highlighted is Noah’s humanity and short lifespan against Andrew’s great age and continued longevity.

And we watch as both Andrew and Noah each try to deal with this element of their relationship in their own way, unsuccessfully, however subtly.

Masters can, with just a few sentences, create a scene of such emotional fragility , containing both despair and hope, you will want to weep.

And she does it over and over again.

Book after book here in this series.

Then follow it up with one of equal hilarity.

Goddess love those hellhounds!

While I have focused on Noah here as a character, Andrew Turner , vampire, is just as complicated as his years would have made him. More of his background and history as it relates to other members of the inner circle comes out in another vastly important and emotional story. But much like Noah, Andrew has just as many depths and dimensions to him waiting for us to discover.

They are a truly great pair.

This story doesn’t so much end on a solid note so much as it gets ready to flow into the next book.

This is a ending you’re going to see until the finale as the huge investigation ramps up and the horror begins to unveil.

So yes run immediately to Hijinks With A Hellhound because you need to know what happens next and well, it’s Alistair. That’s reason enough.

Honestly Alistair became alive to me as did all the Hellhounds. I physically hurt over the fact they don’t exist. We really need Hellhounds in our lives. Especially Alistair.

At any rate. Noah’s journey which starts here is a compelling and emotional story. So is his romance with Andrew, full of snarky love, pain and surprise.

I’m highly recommending One Bite with A Vampire and the entire Hidden Species series.

They are must reading for me.

🔶Hidden Species series:

Demons Do It Better #1

One Bite with A Vampire #2

Hijinks With A Hellhound #3

Sorcerers Always Satisfy #4

🔶Sequel Series:

Here Be Dragons (happens immediately after the events of Hidden Species)

Dragon Ever After#1

Synopsis:Getting kidnapped was never part of my life plan. But being rescued opened up a whole world of crazy.

It’s not easy being the only human at the Community of Species Government—and especially not when you’re the rescue case. Two years ago, I was planning to go to college, have a wild time, then settle into a normal life. Instead, I was kidnapped, spent months being a test subject, was in hiding for nearly a year, and then found out that my whole existence is a science experiment conducted by the bad guys. It’s definitely time to reassess.

My rescuers at CSG have been awesome… mostly. They gave me a job, a home, and a support network. But the whole demons, vampires, shifters thing is not easy to get used to. Especially when one particular vampire makes me want to take up stake sharpening for a hobby. How can someone be over eight centuries old and have the maturity of a drunk frat boy?

The thing is, teenage mentality or not, Andrew is a fierce protector. With the bad guys still on the loose, I need someone like that on my side. Plus, did I mention that he’s not hard to look at? I could stare at him all day if only he never opened his mouth.

As we race to find my former captor before he can find me, life takes another twist and upends my world all over again. This time, though, I’m ready—after all, I’ve got an eight-hundred-year-old vampire at my back. What could possibly go wrong?

One Bite With a Vampire

Hidden Species Cast of Characters:

Community of Species Government-CSG

Percy Caraway: the Lucifer . Aka the Head of State of the Physical Plane

Senior Investigators Team:

Sam Tiller – team admin

Gideon Bailey, Demon

Elinor Martin, Hellhound, cousin to Alistair

David Carew, sorcerer

Lily Heath, succubus

Andrew Turner, Vampire

Alistair Smythe, Hellhound

Noah Cage, human

Aiden Byrne, Felix shifter-Shifter Species Leader

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