Review: Sorcerers Always Satisfy (Hidden Species #4) by Louisa Masters

Rating: 5🌈

Series finale

Here we are at the Hidden Species finale and usually I’m a very mopey reader at this stage because I’m saying goodbye to characters and a universe I’ve fallen deeply and irrevocably in love with.

However, thank you, Louisa Masters, I know that the fabulous sequel series Here Be Dragons ensures that both this universe and characters and romances will happily and eagerly be something I can look forward to, book after book. Sigh…. More Hellhounds and dragons!

At any rate…. Focusing….

Sorcerers Always Satisfy brings to the fore one of the steadiest, grounded characters of this series. The one man we probably have known the least about but also never really thought that much about either.

David Carew, sorcerer and all around steadfast albeit a tad boring friend to everyone in the Lucifer’s inner circle, including Percy Caraway himself. David has been a bit of a blank page, while all his friends supplied the glitter, flash, angst, age, or samba lines.

Now David’s past comes roaring back and explains his need , nope, love and need for order instead of chaos. And it’s revealed that he’s not exactly just “a sorcerer” but something extraordinary as sorcerers go. Yeah, he’s inner circle for a reason, we really should have seen that one.

David’s true strengths and past is revealed during a time of disaster and dimension peril so extreme that no one could have foreseen it.

The elf Caolan ,who appeared in Alistair’s story , is now a full partner is the Alliance to stop the enemies plan. I won’t spoil all that entails because it’s complicated, imaginative, and well, encapsulates four books. Read them all in the order they are written.

But Caolan is also adoring of David. Before you go it’s too soon, as David does actually, there’s a host of explanations that cover exactly why it’s not. Just another outstanding element here. Elf loves David, it’s perfectly reasonable, I love this couple. And well the Elves. And their love of cell phones… just wait.

This story easily engages with the heartbreak of a young David and his adolescence, the impending doom of a world, and what that shattering event will do emotionally to several species . Themes both intimate such as couple love to enormous, along the lines of dimension death, are woven into the storylines here. Al it’s done so beautifully.

Again written with amazing poignancy and humor. You want to cry and then laugh , both . Often at the same time. Because the author realizes how close both emotions are to each other.

There is joy, there is sadness.

I think that’s a Taylor Swift song.

Sorcerers Always Satisfy is a fantastic story and series finale. It gives David the romance and mate he deserves and this outstanding series the closure to this complicated fantasy epic adventure the send off we need before journeying onto Here Be Dragons!

Let’s raise a glass to our heroes until we meet them again! Here’s to an amazing journey! Thanks for the Grand times! See you all soon!

Yes… I’m recommending every single one. Read them often!

🔶Hidden Species series:

Demons Do It Better #1

One Bite with A Vampire #2

Hijinks With A Hellhound #3

Sorcerers Always Satisfy #4

🔶Sequel Series:

Here Be Dragons (happens immediately after the events of Hidden Species)

Dragon Ever After#1

Hidden Species Cast of Characters:

Community of Species Government-CSG

Percy Caraway: the Lucifer . Aka the Head of State of the Physical Plane

Senior Investigators Team:

Sam Tiller – team admin

Gideon Bailey, Demon

Elinor Martin, Hellhound, cousin to Alistair

David Carew, sorcerer

Lily Heath, succubus

Andrew Turner, Vampire

Alistair Smythe, Hellhound

Noah Cage, human

Aiden Byrne, Felix shifter-Shifter Species Leader

Caolan, Elf

Brandt. Wing leader of all dragons

King Radulfr, King of all Elves

Synopsis:Just because I enjoy planning and researching doesn’t mean I’m not the most dangerous badass mothercracker around.

The world sees me as boring, dependable David. And I like it that way. I know things and I’m organized. Plus, I’ve seen firsthand the harm a chaotic life can inflict, and I’d rather have my lists and be called dull.

Which is what makes it all the more disconcerting when a sexy elf declares his adoration and begins to “woo” me. What am I supposed to do?

Hide, mostly. It’s hard, though, because Caolan and I are supposed to be working together. And he’s tough to resist: sweet, competent, and so incredibly beautiful. He sees something in me that no one else does. Would it really be such a bad thing if I gave in to temptation?

My personal life can’t be the priority right now, though. The bad guys are gearing up to strike, and if we don’t stop them, the end of the world could be nigh. I need to focus on that, not on letting Caolan show me the benefits of spontaneity. Or do I?

Sorcerers Always Satisfy

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