Review: Fairy and Impartial (Starfig Investigations, #4) by Meghan Maslow

Rating: 5🌈

Fairy and Impartial picks up right after the events of book 3, His Fairy Share.

So first thing right off? Read all previous stories if you haven’t done so already. In the exact order they are written so all the characters relationships, growth, and overall developing series themes make sense.

Trust me, there are some wonderfully complicated doings happening here and I suspect only Auric, that manipulative bastard, has a clue about most of them.

This is a densely packed series, epic themes of world salvation, good versus evil, line up closely along with those of forever love and found family.

Honestly, I treasure this series and love this new story. It adds onto the growing mysteries of conspiracy against Auric and his politics and family as well as introduces us to incredible new main characters that will have important roles to play , not only here but in the upcoming stories. This is one wicked, well told epic!

Twig and Quinn’s relationship continue’s to deepen and thrive here as they face new battles and explore new dimensions to their powers and roles. Really, each is so amazing because they have such depth of character and yet still are showing such capacity for growth.

Actually that applies to all the beings here who are undergoing so many spurts of development simply because of the demanding times and villainous challenges they are facing. Zak , Quinn’s younger brother, has to learn accept certain things about his pursuit of love without asking if it’s wanted, Bill , all patchwork soul, needs to adjust to heartbreak for the first time and find his way forward, and well, there are others….

I don’t know how many books Maslow has planned for this series, personally I’d be thrilled if they just kept coming because this universe is so rich and diverse that it easily could host series after series even based on the different realms.

But this expanding found family or should I say clan? It has found its way into my heart. Now I want Twig to add a couple more… and I need to know more. I have questions, need answers! And always want more of each and every one of these fabulous beings.

You will too. But you absolutely need to read these stories in the order they are written to appreciate the characters, understand the relationships, the growth and , frankly, the series arc.

It’s fantastic and I’m highly recommending this and all of them.

Fairy and Impartial (Starfig Investigations, #4)

Starfig Investigations series to date:

By Fairy Means or Foul #1

Be Fairy Game #2

His Fairy Share #3

Fairy and Impartial #4


All Twig Starfig wants is to settle into mated life with his wizard and be a good leader to his clan. No drama. No heartache. A happily-ever-after fit for a dragon. Or half-dragon, at any rate.

Instead, Twig and Quinn get roped into a new case involving missing orc stones. Yes, those really are a thing. Twig’s dad is on the PR warpath . . . again. Quinn’s little brother can’t seem to stop pining over their housemate. Someone—or something—seems to be following them. And getting quality time alone with his wizard is more difficult than keeping one’s virginity at an incubus party.

To make matters worse, Twig’s old enemies start dropping like fairyflies, and they find themselves smack in the middle of an inconvenient murder investigation with a certain red fury as the main suspect. With everyone in Lighthelm convinced of Bill’s guilt—and by association Twig’s—Starfig Investigations is on the case.

Is there no one in the Elder Realm who’s fairy and impartial?

Major characters not in any order:

Greyclover , elf and Auric’s lover and guard

Auric Starfig, Twig’s fairy father and powerful leader of well everyone

Agent Hatheral “Leo” Leotoris, elf and investigator at EBI

Quinn Broomsparkles, wizard, former High Rei, mate to Twig

Twig Starfig , half fairy half dragon now City Council Member and head of his own expanding clan

Zak Broomsparkles, younger brother to Quinn, also a wizard

Bill,Red Fury Demon

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