Review: Impossible Things (Star Shadow #2} by Beth Bolden

Rating: 3.5 stars

After the emotionally traumatic, narratively heavy first story (Terrible Things), I had wondered how the author was going to top that. It was a great story and had a charismatic couple at its heart.

Did I find that with Impossible Things? Not exactly.

This story has one of the issues that I see in other reviews and stories. A character that is both so well written that he feels believable and isn’t very likable. At least in my opinion. That would be Benji

He’s my grandmother’s Erica Kane, aka the actor Susan Lucci , who my grandmother talked about as though that character was absolutely real and shouldn’t be doing all those awful things.

Characters like Benji have ,unfortunately, caused some poor books to get low ratings because, again, the reviewer just “hated” the character.

Never mind that the writer had done such a superb job crafting that character that the reviewer had become emotionally wrapped up in them. SMH.

Anyway, Benji is that one character here I’m not connecting with. Well done, with motivations you can understand if not agree with. Sigh.

But while I’m not connecting with Benji, my biggest issue here is the central friends to lover romance between Benji and Diego.

What I liked about the first story, the chemistry, the communication, as well as the depth to the couple, seems to be missing here.

Yes, these men face a separate set of circumstances and barriers. It’s how they approach each other, after years of friendship, and supposed knowledge of one another that’s disappointing. It’s fraught with miscommunication, stalling, if not outright lies. Add on to that self promotion, Benji’s hugely ambitious outlook that in itself isn’t inherently bad but how the person handles it, plus Benji never explains to Diego , not once, where his insecurities and need to succeed come from. Nor does Diego ever ask.

That lack of curiosity bothers me. Partners, lovers don’t ask about such major issues?

Elements like that kept me from connecting with them, especially when I had an additional hurdle of not being able to really like Benji to begin with. That could have been overcome if Diego had convinced me to see what he loved about Benji.

Did I ever feel I saw into that? Not really. After all those years, it still felt… unfinished. Unlike Leo and Caleb.

Perhaps they set too high a bar for the other couples to follow. I’ve seen that happen in series too.

So what did I find in Impossible Things? A good well written story with well constructed characters. But with a romance that I thought needed something more. Maybe more layers, more satisfying personal “work” to make it feel as believable as the men.

A Epilogue with them off on vacation together with Diego’s daughter just doesn’t fill in those emotional blanks. At least for me.

Still recommending it because I recognize that not everyone will feel about Benji the way I do.. And if you’re reading the series, you should read all the books in the order they were written.

Now onto Hazardous Things which is Max’s story along with a certain younger brother. I’m looking forward to this.

Star Shadow series:

Terrible Things (Star Shadow #1)

Impossible Things #2

Hazardous Things #3

Extraordinary Things #4


When Benji saw Diego for the first time, he never expected to fall irrevocably and painfully in love with him.

It wasn’t something either of them could face, so he buried it. For ten long years.

Ten years during which he survived the pain of his own disastrous marriage and the heartbreak of watching Diego raise a child with another woman.

Through the heights of rock stardom and the depths of their band breaking up, Benji’s heart always came back to Diego. To his best friend. His bandmate. His secret desire.

Now, enough is enough.

He knows Diego loves him too. He knows they could have it all, no holds barred, with every string attached — if only they can find the courage to bring their feelings into the spotlight.

It’s time to tackle the impossible: life-altering, world-shaking, totally inevitable love.

Impossible Things is the second book in the Star Shadow series and should be read in order. › showImpossible Things (Star Shadow #2) by Beth Bolden – Goodreads

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