Review: Pines and Violets (Colors of Love #7) by V.L. Locey

Rating: 5🌈

Colors of Love has quickly become one of my favorite series and one I highly recommend when people ask me for a contemporary romance novel to read.

Beautifully written, well crafted characters of depth that immediately grab at heart and mind, the stories all have certain fascinating elements.

One main element is a hockey player who is at a pivotal stage in his life. It could be that he’s facing a decision to retire, or a debilitating injury, perhaps the player is rehabbing a image or being traded. Even questioning their sexual identity. But the man is at a moment in his life where change is needed, whether he’s aware of it or not.

In Pines & Violets, that element is filled by Greg Mattar, D-man for the Surge NHL hockey team. He’s still mourning the loss of his beloved wife to breast cancer while adjusting to single parenthood to twin daughters. It’s not going well as he hasn’t been able to move forward, emotionally.

From the gut wrenching Prologue where we meet Larissa, his wife as she and Greg feel the lump in her breast to Chapter 1, where they are dealing with her death,we are as devastated as this small family. And 100 percent invested in Greg’s recovery and the family’s future.

When Greg’s sister talks him into spending summer in the Catskills in a cabin near their new summer house, the anticipation is huge and heartfelt that changes are coming.

And it does…amazingly accompanied by a flock of honking geese, a pair of adorable fainting goats and wearing a old straw hat.

Which brings me to another strong and reoccurring element to Locey’s series. That of the fascinating, unexpected, usually complicated second main character. They have truly run the gamut here, from cross dressing gorgeous jazz singers to yoga teachers and everyone imaginable in between. Often they might have never been mates you would have expected the author to pair the hockey player up with until it’s absolutely magical.

Like it is here.

Aiden Burke is a walking scar, his past trauma and painful history literally written in the tears across his skin. He’s a powerful character yet gentle and oh so moving one.

The way in which the men, and girls connect over the summer is so heartwarming and emotionally satisfying. You’ll need to break out the tissues in more than one moment here.

Their story is hilarious, especially where the girls are concerned, realistic, painful, and incredibly moving.

Pines & Violets made me so happy that I know I’ll be rereading it sometime soon. I’m just not ready to let these people, this small family go yet. I adore and have taken them to heart so.

I believe you will too.

Make this the top of your TBR list. It’s such a great story and perfect for the holidays.

And if you haven’t read the other books in the series, I recommend them too. Marvelous!

Colors of Love series:

Lost in Indigo

Touch of a Yellow Sun #2

The Good Green Earth #3

Slow Dances Under an Orange Moon #4

A Brush of Blue #5

Songs of a Red Currant Wine #6

Pines & Violets #7


He never thought he’d find love again, but one summer changes his entire life.

Greg Mattar always had a clear path in life. The son of wealthy professionals, he and his sister wanted for nothing growing up in Montreal. His skills playing hockey led him to be picked first in the draft and a successful career as one of the premier defensemen in the league. He married his college sweetheart and within a year, they’d been blessed with twin girls. Then the unthinkable happened, and Greg’s life was turned inside out.

After losing his wife to cancer, he’s left alone to raise his daughters and at the same time balance his career. After a rough two years of mourning coupled with a dismal season, Greg and his girls travel to a small vacation community deep in the Catskills. There he meets Aiden Burke, a local artisan with a past who enchants not only Greg’s daughters but Greg as well. During a vacation filled with laughter, acceptance, and morning goose parades, the two men fall for each other, which begins a journey down a winding road of revelations and romance. › showWeb resultsPines and Violets (Colors of Love, #7) by V.L. Locey – Goodreads

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