Review: Wormwood Summer (San Amaro Investigations #1) by Kai Butler

Rating: 4.5 🌈

Fast upon the heels of my discovery of Ariana Nash and her urban fantasy series, I’ve stumbled across another story and urban fantasy series that’s threatened to have the very same effect upon me.

It’s straight away captivating me with its expanding universe, a mixture of things modern and mythic as well as swelling cast of characters to engage both heart and mind.

That’s Wormwood Summer

(San Amaro Investigations #1)

by Kai Butler . So far I’ve found 5 stories, releases and intended to be published (more on the later) and my investment in this series is all but cemented by the end of the story.

Apparently I love to smack myself in the head repeatedly because this also look to be fitting the same pattern as that other series, although I’ll just have to wait to February for book 3.

No, Butler has a way of starting with already complex characters and a baseline twisty storyline and then proceeds to up the game by leading us all through ever increasing labyrinthine corridors, peeling back layers to characters histories and personalities along the way.

I truly love books like that. This has witches, alchemists, werewolves, dragons, cops, forensics, zombies, murder, politics, high mystery and yes romance. And oh, yes, found families.

And it works so beautifully and smoothly as the angst, bewilderment, anxiety, and body count add up.

Parker Ferro, foster kid, part Fae, PI, down on his luck , soon to be evicted , with more problems than he wants to face is such an incredible character. He establishes himself as someone worthy of your compassion and commitment immediately,. Parker then goes onto grow during this tale into someone who’s strengths and new dimensions reveal him to be someone he never suspected. That steers him and his group towards a new path that will be fantastical and yes, perhaps heroic. And our hearts will be along with the ride.

Everything here , each new element offers up a springboard towards exciting new revelations and twists. All while Butler works their characters towards goals only the author is aware of.

I can’t wait to see what new beings, obligations (Fae after all), drama, and exciting adventures lie ahead.

I really need to track down those prequel books too.

Yes, I’m highly recommending this story and letting you know in advance that book 3 won’t be out until February 2022.

I can work with that. Happy reading!

San Amara Investigations Series:

◦ A Haunting at Midnight #0.5

◦ A Debt Unpaid #0.75

◦ Wormwood Summer #1

◦ A Belated Burial #1.5

◦ The Oak Wood Throne #2

◦ A Gilded Iron Blade #3 – not yet released, publication date in February 2022.

Synopsis: Parker Ferro owes the fae his life. They’ve come to collect.

When the Summer Queen summons Parker to her court, the private investigator knows there’s trouble brewing. Trapped into compliance by his past debt to the fae monarch, he’s tasked with locating a missing girl in San Amaro. Now he has to find the girl or give up his life.

Things only get more complicated when a very familiar cop asks Parker for his help on a case involving murdered magic users. With the victims completely drained of their magic, the San Amaro Police Department needs Parker’s special skill set to track down a killer. Navigating through San Amaro’s paranormal underbelly while dealing with his own past and this new case is the last thing Parker wants or needs. 

Now Parker’s stuck trying to locate a missing girl, stop a paranormal war, find a killer, and resist Detective Nicholas King’s many charms. Here’s hoping he doesn’t die trying. 

Wormwood Summer is a 107,000 word MM urban fantasy with a HFN ending. › Wormw…Wormwood Summer (San Amaro Investigations Book 1) Kindle Edition

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