Review: Wyn (Monstrous #3.5 by Lily Mayne

Rating: 4🌈

I just happened upon this book not realizing it was part of a series until the author’s note at the end. Then many of my issues with this story made sense.

If like me you just stumbled upon it because either the cover or description grabs your attention, then by itself it’s a interesting and promising tale.

We get a oh so brief introduction to basically the destruction of the human race as hordes of “monsters “ invade the earth through a tear between worlds.

Flash forward to 20 years and the near annihilation of the human species, an established love affair between a alien hunter, a Soul Eater and one human former soldier.

How they became to be together unfolds slowly over the course of the novel as does bits and pieces of the dystopian nightmare that the earth has become. It’s current status is all too vague but as it seems mostly empty of people, except at military bases, things aren’t looking good.

This strange air of human abandonment sets the foundation for the new reader ignorant about the situation. And it actually makes the manner in which the author who, via the characters dialogue, communicates details about the past in a spare manner very neat.

We eagerly anticipate each new detail so we can further gather together our puzzle pieces of a history and past for our couple.

A couple that’s on quite the mythic journey to join their disparate ages to equal out the amount of time they age.

That’s fascinating. But what I found more intriguing was the human’s attitude towards what was basically the death of modern human civilization and the extirpation if not almost extinction of the human race. He seems pretty ok with it, despite mentions of nightmares (although those seem to do more with torture by the military and less by the current overall climate).

So yes, finding out this was part of a series made some of my questions about the story disappear. Clearly the other books should hold the answers.

But this novel and settings has so much promise and offers such a great premise that I clearly need to seek out the beginnings and get my background references.

As well as other characters.

What fun.

If dystopian stories, odd couple romances, and a mythic god or three are your jam, this might be the book and series for you.

I’m recommending this!

Monstrous series;

Soul Eater #1

Erin #2

The Ryche #3

Wyn #3.5

M/M Fantasy Romance.

Twenty years ago, monsters rose on earth and began a new age of civilization.

One where humans live in military-controlled, cramped and dirty cities along the coasts, and the majority of the United States is known as the Wastes. A lawless, desolate and dangerous place, teeming with monsters that have claimed the land for their own.

Including Wyn the Soul Eater.

He appears every three years, making his way across the country and slaughtering humans randomly, sucking them dry until they’re nothing but husks.

I’ve only been in the military for six months, but now I’m part of a unit tasked with trying to stop and capture him. And when I’m the only soldier out of hundreds that the Soul Eater leaves alive, I realise that… something about me has intrigued him.

But what is it? What could a twenty-three year old guy from the south, with no one and nothing in the world, have possibly done to capture the attention of a death monster with horns, blackened fingertips and a face hidden in the dark depths of his hood?

Soul Eater is the debut novel of Lily Mayne. It is the first in a planned post-apocalyptic fantasy series featuring monsters and human men falling in love. This m/m love story contains explicit content and is not suitable for young readers. It also contains scenes of violence, but don’t worry—they get their happy ending. › showWeb resultsWyn (Monstrous #3.5) by Lily Mayne – Goodreads

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