Review: The Necromancer’s Light (Radiance #1) by Tavia Lark

Rating: 4.25🌈

I’ve been pretty fortunate in my fantasy reading binge of late. I’ve found no less than six new series, four new authors (to date) and the some terrific series and stories from long-standing writers on my auto read list.

Like I said… great times.

Tavia Lark and The Necromancer’s Light, are new. New author, new novel and the first in this writer’s new series. And it’s a marvelous start!

Using a two person perspective, the author opens the tale with the person of the title. The Necromancer.

But far from the normally powerful, and darkly mystical mage we would expect to encounter, we instead meet a bone-thin, shivering, thread poor specimen, reviled and shunned by all he passes. Shae Nightven, our first narrator, is the very essence of last chance desperation. In need of the very thing he’s being denied, and with a great evil pressing upon him, Shae is almost lost and the voice and character given to him by Lark screams of his pain, of the crisis, and fear of failure. He’s the opposite of powerful.

And that fragility combined with a prickly essence he hides behind makes Shae someone we immediately care about and need to understand.

The person he’s drawn to and needs as a bodyguard to complete his mission? That would be Arthur Davorin of the Radient Order.

He’s our other pov, and one at the other end of the spectrum from Shae. That’s in personality, in outlook, in physicality (he’s huge, Shae is thin and small). Arthur’s even has an aura that glows, well suited for the Radiance Order. Unlike the dark, spelled silver jeweled necromancer.

But Arthur is on a penance, temporarily removed from his order and missing it. He’s a man conflicted, over his path in life and why his Goddess is no longer speaking to him with guidance.

When the two men decide to go forward on Shae’s mission, the alternating pov works beautifully, especially to see certain battles, creatures or dire situations from each perspective.

Lark comes up with some fascinating creatures, a great quest with some haunting, traumatic memories for both men to pick apart and recover from if not triumph over.

My wishes for this story and from the author is for more foundation. We get some idea of the framework for the Order, and local municipalities. But other religions? Governments? Mages? Are the Necromancers not an order themselves? I just don’t have enough information.

Also the great evil. We’re told how he/it came into the human realm but the potential for this character didn’t reach its full potential. The power indicated that it had would have easily extended over the series arc but maybe the author is playing a longer game here.

Which I would applaud.

Shae and Arthur’s story does wrap up ( I’m assuming) at the end of this book because the next in this series deals with two secondary characters mentioned here.

The Necromancer’s Light

(Radiance #1) by Tavia Lark is a marvelous fantasy epic, full of action, romance, and adventure.

I look forward to the next book and the one after that! I’m definitely recommending this!

Radiance series:

The Necromancer’s Light

The Paladin’s Shadow #2

The Sword-Witch’s Heart #3


He’ll die without touch.

As a necromancer, Shae loses a little more of himself every time he uses his magic. Always cold, always touch-starved, the only thing that helps is human contact. But that’s hard to come by when those same dark powers scare everyone away from him. Nobody likes a necromancer.

Especially a paladin of the Radiant Order.

Arthur’s still bitter and broken after his last lover stabbed him in the back, and the last thing he needs is another brush with evil. When he agrees to escort the wandering necromancer north, he’s just doing a public service.

But he never expected Shae to be so clingy. Or distractingly attractive.

Shae has never felt an aura as warm and safe as Arthur’s. He craves the man’s touch—and more. But everyone he’s ever known has left him, and it’s just a matter of time before Arthur leaves him too.

Assuming the soul-stealing monsters don’t kill them first.

The Necromancer’s Light is a gay fantasy romance, with magic, hurt/comfort, and bed sharing for Reasons. First in a series but can be read alone. 56,000 words, HEA guaranteed › showThe Necromancer’s Light (Radiance #1) by Tavia Lark – Goodreads

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