Review: The Professor’s Dragon (Here Be Dragons #2) by Louisa Masters

Rating: 4 🌈

The Professor’s Dragon is a sweet, often funny, low angst fantasy romance. A part of the Hidden Species series universe, this novel’s events picks up from the end of Dragon Ever After.

That’s the book that launched this series and frankly was my introduction to this universe and Louisa Masters. Make sure you start there, if unfamiliar with this series. It’s a winner and you’ll need the background established there to help with all aspects of the characters and romance here.

The Prologue gives us Dustin’s first look at his soon-to-be all consuming crush/love Professor Rob Sarris on Dustin’s first day of class at a human college.

Fast forward two years and things are only more intense for Dustin. He’s still deeply emotionally attached, but still from afar and it’s all one sided.

Dustin has grown from overly exuberant youth we met in the stories of the Great Migration to a more responsible, yet totally adorable one here. The character growth continues while maintaining all aspects of his personality that makes Dustin such an engaging and endearing being.

Rob is the new and wonderful element here. Before he was just the object of adoration. Now he’s an actual person, with a family and history. He’s become fascinating in his own right and I wanted more, actually of him as I got to know him and his family dynamics and history. Charming, heartwarming, funny… Rob’s family has its own story to tell.

Together, along with the madcap denizens of Here Be Dragons, Dustin and Rob’s courtship plays out, with all its wide ramifications, to great and romantic fun.

I will admit I keep waiting for some type of element of suspense or mystery to enter, much like that of Hidden Species. But maybe this series is the author’s gift to the characters for all they went through there so it’s going to be low angst all the way. Except for bit of a craziness from Steff now or then.

Next up? That’s the slightly weird, always entertaining Fabian’s story, The Dragon Experiment coming in 2022. Can’t wait to see what hilarity that brings!

Until then, I’m recommending this series and novels. And all the Hidden Soecies stories too if you haven’t read them as well.

Read them all in the order they were written and enjoy a grand journey through a fantasy series and a multitude of marvelous characters.

Here Be Dragons series:

◦ Dragon Ever After #

◦ The Professor’s Dragon #2

◦ The Dragon Experiment #3-coming 2022

The Professor’s Dragon


It was love at first sight… with my professor. What’s a dragon to do?

For two years, I’ve been pining over Professor Sarris. I knew the moment I saw him that we were meant for each other, but it’s not to be. For one thing, I was his student, and he’s the most ethical man I know. For another, he has no idea I’m actually a four-thousand-year-old dragon from another dimension.

When my people fled to Earth to avoid extinction, I vowed to clean up my life and stop acting like a fledgling. It’s bad enough that nobody takes me seriously… sure, maybe I used to be flighty and irresponsible and caused a few interspecies incidents, but that’s all in the past. I have big plans for the future, and this college gig is the first step in proving myself. I’m not endangering this fresh start for anyone.

But then my professor and I wind up at the same party, and suddenly it seems he’s not completely out of reach. Except I’m still the adorable flirt nobody wants to rely on, and convincing him we should be together while proving I’m a changed dragon is a monumental task.

Good thing I’m up for the challenge.

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