Review: The Fairy Dance by Tara Lain

Rating: 4 🌈⛄️

The Fairy Dance by Tara Lain is a sweet Christmas romance. Running at the size of a novella, this is a very quick read which works as it’s one of this author’s love at first sight stories.

She does a great job of making us believe in the instant connection between Henri the dancer and Jed, the head of his own building maintenance business .

Yes, that whole “maintenance man’ thing is a bit of a misdirection in a way as Jed is a very successful business man who’s company just happens to include maintenance as well as electrical work etc among its many services.

That aside, Jed is a wonderful character, with a found family of interesting employees to like and an adorable Lab to throw heart eyes at. Instantly relatable!

So too is Henri, especially the more we learn of his circumstances, his boss, and the pressures he’s under.

He’s beautiful, both a man of personal grace and strength while demonstrating great emotional fragility. I love him.

This is an instant where I thought it worked so well. The characters, the plot, and the length of story. It’s a HFN, as it should be.

I thought the “I love you’s” came about a tad quick but that’s just me.

Otherwise The Fairy Dance by Tara Lain is a lovely Christmas story to add to your holiday reading list. I’m definitely recommending it! › showThe Fairy Dance by Tara Lain – Goodreads


What if the man of your dreams dances into your life—and he’s a nutcracker?

Maintenance man, Jed, might yearn for an alpha-femme guy, but where’s he going to find him in his small Oregon town?

New York ballet rising star, Henri, just wants to dance, but his desire for top roles only leads him into the pervy artistic director’s bed.

The chances of these two meeting are less likely than a grand jete. But then they do, one pre-holiday evening in a less-than-one-night stand that leaves them both yearning. Still, one short hookup on a kitchen floor doesn’t turn Jed and Henri into a match made in heaven. Not when all the world sees is a janitor and the ballet boss’s potential boy toy.

Sounds like a job for the Sugarplum Fairy.

The Fairy Dance is an opposites-attract, big city vs small town, holiday MM romance—in tights.

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