Review: Ethan and Jag Destroy the World by Maz Maddox

Rating: 4.5🌈

I like it when my stories come with a lovely dosing of hilarity. Especially holiday romances. Maz Maddox’s book, Ethan and Jag Destroy the World , is actually two combined holiday stories that manages to present a funny“otherworldly “ perspective at some of our favorite holidays while delivering a terrific romance.

As most things that go south are wont to do, it all starts with a dumping, a rejection taken badly, and a linguistics expert with his hands on a ancient suspect tome. Amirite?

Before you can say forsooth, a recently dumped human named Ethan has Jagmarith, Demon champion of the Blood Wars plunked down in his kitchen. At Christmas.

What follows is a funny, oddly moving , supernatural love story that spans a number of human holidays, giving the author,through Jag, a perfect foil to express a joyous weird perspective on these occasions. Some I found myself nodding in total agreement.

Honestly, Valentine’s Day . Misshapen human ideas of the human hearts ( the author’s words) hung every where surrounded by children with wings and weaponry? Wouldn’t it make more sense if those were the hearts of rivals? Hmmm maybe the demon had it spot on…..

Anyway, there’s great characters, wonderful events to ponder, uh some very sexy hot scenes, some hilarious demon confusion about earth customs, and just a marvelous story overall.

Ethan and Jag really are a remarkable couple! I could have used an entire series. Their love and relationship felt real, inter species or not. Their support group of friends and familiar were just as amazing. Surety there’s more holidays, however obscure, to celebrate.

Hopefully the author is listening.

Until then, check out this wonderful book and settle in for nine months of great fun and warm loving feelings.

I’m highly recommending it. › showEthan & Jag Destroy the World by Maz Maddox – Goodreads


Jagmarith, Demon champion of the Blood Wars, detests festivities.

He’s certainly not a fan of humans or their ridiculous holidays.

Winter festivals. Celebrations of flowers. Misshapen hearts to symbolize love. All pointless and weak.

Unfortunately, his feelings are not taken into consideration when he’s summoned by ancient magic to the human realm.

Stolen from his home in Hell, Jagmarith is now at the mercy of a bumbling, adorable human named Ethan, who has accidentally bound Jagmarith to him. Now, Jag must endure grueling human holidays like Christmas and pretend to be a nice human boyfriend to the man who summoned him.

The fake boyfriend role has been very trying.

But along with the upcoming Halloween party and fuss over finding the perfect ghoulish decorations, not to mention the very odd feelings he’s developing for Ethan, there’s that little matter of the impending Armageddon to deal with.

Jag is not pleased.


This book includes short story Demon All the Way and continues Ethan & Jag’s adventure.

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