Review: The Fix Is In (Torus Intercession #4) by Mary Calmes

Rating: 3.5🌈

The Fix Is In is the fourth book in Mary Calmes’ Torus Investigations series and it’s probably my least favorite of the group to date.

Surprisingly because this one sort of breaks a number of patterns set out in all the previous novels and it includes a circle of friends and support characters that I really got into.

Shaw James, seventh son of a seventh Scottish son and Torus fixer, has been handed a new case from his boss’ idea of helping people who can’t normally afford their expensive services by doing pro bono work on a selective basis.

His new assignment involves rainy Oregon, and a paranormal investigator that someone seems to feel might be in danger.

The character of Shaw James is splendid . He’s not what I term a typical Calmes golden boy but I do love the character traits she gave him and the personality as well as family history that makes Shaw so interesting and attractive. He’s terrific and incredibly likable immediately.

The small town he arrives at feels realistically sodden and uncomfortable (I’d leave). And the towns citizens are what I’d expect of some of the Pacific Northwest small townships…quirky, interesting, a patchwork of humanity. Calmes really does a excellent job here in getting a feel for life as in this area and it’s people.

Even the investigations into the potential “ghostly scares” that the other main character, Benjamin Grace and tiny crew, are inquiring about, are done with equal amounts of respect, seriousness, and a smidge of humor.

So my issue? Sigh. It’s that for the majority of the story, I felt that Benjamin Grace is or was an absolute dunderhead. A twit of the biggest proportions! Honestly, there were so many times I just wanted to smack him myself. The man was as clueless as can be. A kindergartner would have glommed onto the facts around him, seen the lightbulb going off over his head, and not been a total nit about things! And not once did any of the supposedly sane people around him, at any time, ever speak up and announce “Benjamin Grace, you great doofus, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard or seen anyone ever do or utter outside of a Adam Sandler movie. “!!!!

He withholds important information from everyone all the time!

Outside of Monty Python, when did idiocy become so attractive?

Good thing everyone and everything is so good that I worked overtime to ignore Benny there. He’s not even one of the typical “golden boys” but a cousin. Many, many …… many times removed.

Trust me, Benjamin is a character I feel just didn’t work. Why even write a character this dim?

Calmes does break a pattern here with her formula for the series which makes me think she’s setting up her next novel in the series and it’s couple.

Needed to get them out and away.

I look forward to that one.

I’ve enjoyed this series and if you’re a Mary Calmes fan, I know you have too. I’ve listed the series below in case you’ve missed any. Check them out.

Torus Intercession series:

No Quick Fix #1

In A Fix #2

Fix It Up #3

The Fix Is In #4 › showThe Fix Is In (Torus Intercession, #4) by Mary Calmes – Goodreads

How can a man who doesn’t believe in things that go bump in the night possibly protect a man who does?

It’s safe to say that Shaw James is a pragmatist who has no patience for anything but the facts. He is good at assessing threats and focusing on a clear objective when he goes out on a job for Torus Intercession. But he hasn’t had to be a detective before, it’s all brand new, so why his boss chose him to figure out who may, or may not, be trying to kill Benjamin Grace is beyond him. Protecting a paranormal investigator from whoever—or whatever—may be trying to kill him is completely out of Shaw’s wheelhouse, and how is he supposed to help find an attacker when the guy he’s sent to protect maintains that the threat is ghostly in origin? It’s insane, and Shaw does not do insane. Benjamin Grace is going to be a problem.

But Benji is nothing at all like Shaw imagined he’d be, and the fixer is spellbound from their first meeting. Benji is kind and can laugh at himself, doesn’t take things too seriously, and, more than anything, he wants to help everyone. The man is inarguably Shaw’s polar opposite, and he brings out every protective instinct in Shaw. Best of all, though, is that Benji seems every bit as enchanted by the man sent to protect him.

Together, Benji and Shaw must work to figure out what’s happening in the small town of Rune, Oregon, and it quickly proves more difficult than it should be to keep Benji alive. When it goes from difficult to seemingly impossible, Shaw packs Benji up and takes him back home to Chicago where the most frightening thing is Shaw’s own big, loud, loving, and overly-invested-in-his-love-life family who can’t seem to resist meddling in his affairs.

Or not. Turns out the scariest thing might just be Benji, the guy who seems perfect for Shaw.

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