Review: Fluke and the Faultline Fiasco (Fantastic Fluke #3) by Sam Burns

Rating: 5🌈💫

Fluke and the Faultline Fiasco is the penultimate novel in Sam Burns four book Fantastic Fluke series and it’s terrific.

As the author starts to do the arduous task of both ramping up the expectations for the expected magical thrown down and accompanying revelations she also has to start , however slowly, pulling together all the loose plot threads and tidying up her narrative house as it were.

The weight carried by the penultimate story is much like that of the second novel. It’s subtle, often without the shine and glory of the finale, but with huge responsibilities for the characters and plot.

Fluke and the Faultline Fiasco Carrie’s that weight with ease, bringing new information on our main characters magical abilities to light as well as delving deep into the past that created both their ancestry and the dire issues they all face currently.

It does so through action packed scenes, quiet moments of reflection, and quirky communal times spent eating pizza amidst laughter and love. It shows us found family at its most supportive and it’s ability to continue to grow and connect to allow others within its warm embrace.

I’ve come to absolutely love this group of beings, people, familiars, mages, what have you. What a remarkable family of well defined individuals Burns has created for us to love and connect with.

And a plot that seems to want to transcend both time and realities, if the Convergence has anything to say about it.

It’s hard to believe the author has chosen to end this series at four novel. I could easily have spent a shelf of stories here.

The next will be out in February 2022. Until then I absolutely recommend reading this entire series in the order they are written for characters growth and plot development.

That cover like all the rest is astonishing.

The Fantastic Fluke Series -4 of 4:

✓ The Fantastic Fluke #1

✓ Fluke and the Failthless Father #2

✓ Fluke and the Faultline Fiasco #3

◦ Fluke and the Frontier Farce #4 – coming in February 2022 › showFluke and the Faultline Fiasco by Sam Burns – Goodreads


When an earthquake shakes up Sage’s night, his instinct is to forget about it. They live in California—quakes happen. But this one sends the consciousness that lives in the ley lines running to him in fear, so he and his gunslinger boyfriend set out to investigate. What they uncover is a century-old plot to destroy not only the ley lines, but the city of Junction itself.

Now, they’re in a race against an unknown adversary who wants to annihilate everything they love, and the only man with the answers is Sage’s long-dead Uncle Jonathon. Good thing they only have to read his journals, not deal with the insufferable jerk in person.

Between a heist to steal a magic artifact, Uncle Jonathon’s bigoted ramblings, and one surprise after another from his allies, can Sage find what he needs to save Junction?

Fluke and the Faultline Fiasco is third in its series, so if you haven’t read a Fluke book before, you should definitely start with book one, The Fantastic Fluke. The Faultline Fiasco is a 65k word novel that follows the continuing adventures of Sage, Fluke, Gideon, and their whole family, as they try to save the world. Or at least Southern California..

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