Review: Misfit Mage (Fledgling God #1) by Michael Taggert

Rating: 4.5 🌈

Misfit Mage, the first book in the Fledgling God series by Michael Taggert , is a brutal, vastly entertaining, and imaginative introduction to this new to me author and great universe.

A world where the supernaturals are ruthlessly hunting for power or power sources, with methods brutal, cruel, and often final, those recently awakened to those powers don’t have long to grow into them. Often too weak to survive, they are easy prey , power fodder for those stronger then themselves.

But the mundane world hasn’t a clue such viciousness exists.

Taggert creates one young man about to find out in the worst manner possible, exactly how close the magical world exists to his.

Jason Cole is a survivor. He’s also inventive, amusing, kind, and emotionally a walking soul bruise. His past has left him damaged but scrappy. In short, Jason is someone we can easily connect with.

And we do. Especially as Jason is put through rather a lot. Physically and emotionally. But mostly physically. When I say parts of this book are brutal, I mean it. Jason is attacked and the descriptions are harsh and raw. He takes a real beating. More than once. On the page. So if this is a issue or trigger , be prepared to skip over this section.

What you will delight in? The magic here. Taggert doesn’t just have a character wave a hand … and then there’s magic. Nope!

This author decided to go into the mechanics of his magic, which is fascinating. It’s on a cellular level plus there’s another element that’s tonal. So many outstanding magical threads here. Plus Taggert does so without taking away any of the wonder and awesomeness that makes a urban fantasy so unforgettable.

Taggert gives us matrixes, dancing pink cells, magical flying Grannies with Dustbusters, zooming Red energy Dots with feathers, Miniature Magical Miners, and so much more. It’s incredibly entertaining, vastly amusing, and so inventive that as a reader I’m just waiting to see what Taggert and his characters come up with next!

There’s a found family being established within a sentient House, a foundation of magic and history that’s slowly being rolled out too.

Oh there’s cats and kittens. Kittens are Life. And hugely important as characters. You will adore them, especially one.

It’s almost as though we get a magical cultural smorgasbord in some respects to entertain us. For me it absolutely works. I can envision it and it makes me laugh.

Misfit Mage is primarily concerned with Jason’s intro into his new world and the people that will become his found family. It’s also his first real look at its realities and the enemies he and his friends face.

A harsh new yet amazing world. One that gets steadily better as we advance into the next installment, Melee Mage.

I’m steadfast in my love for this small group of people who are still revealing themselves and growing their powers. So it’s a winner and one I’m definitely recommending!

Fledgling God series:

Misfit Mage #1

Melee Mage #2 › showFledgling God #1 – Misfit Mage – Goodreads


He went searching for a fresh start. He didn’t expect to find unusual friends, fierce enemies, and primal powers.

Jason thought that it was the end of his life after being hunted and attacked by a band of ruthless thugs. Instead, he tapped into the source of creation and emerged from his Death Experience with magical powers.

As a new mage, Jason finds himself part of a wonderful – and dangerous – new supernatural world. He also finds himself in the middle of a mage war as he becomes part of an unlikely group of protectors who are defending a mystical mansion from those who want to destroy it.

Jason has little power, and the band of misfits are on the losing side, until he discovers he can see and manipulate magic at a remarkable level. What he detects begins his journey into discovering how his new powers really work, and just might be the edge that they need to survive.

If you like witty dialogue, diverse characters, magic that feels real, and intense action, then you will love this LGBTQ urban fantasy. Buy Misfit Mage today and step into a new enchanted world.

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