Review: Ride or Die (Food Truck Warriors #6) by Beth Bolden

Rating: 5 🌈

Ride or Die wraps up Beth Bolden’s Food Truck Warriors series. It’s a outstanding way to say goodbye to a great series and group of men and their partners.

Part of a interconnected universe that includes Kitchen Gods and Star Shadow, it’s hard to say if this is a complete goodbye as Bolden’s characters have a way of popping up in future stories. But if we don’t see everyone again, this is a remarkable sendoff.

Ren Moretti, the gorgeous chef of the one night stands, has met his match in Seth Abramson, security and former soldier, who’s looking for a long term relationship, not a hookup. No matter how hot the chemistry between them.

A two person pov means the reader is in Ren’s increasingly frustrated, and stymied head as he’s confronted with someone he wants who obviously wants him back but won’t have sex with him. It’s never happened before.

As the steam builds within him, so does the hurt and questions. Ren’s entire ability is shaken.

I love Bolden’s writing and characters because she’s able to make us feel that we’re there in their world with them. And when things , their perspective is being given a good toss up, we are there looking over their shoulder, a part of every minute of their growth and baby steps forward.

Seth has his own issues to work through. It’s not just how to reach a man seemingly committed only to not being committed to anything but his cooking but there’s something lurking in Seth’s history too.

How these men work through their individual issues to have a relationship that works and is one we all celebrate is a wonderful story, full of romance, laughter, and some angst.

At the end, Bolden pulls everything and everyone together for one huge anniversary party. All our couples. No loose ends. We get a marvelous and fantastic way to see everyone and say our goodbyes.

What a great run this has been. I’ve loved every story, each couple and romance. Hard to believe it’s over.

Ren and Seth are a great couple and their story makes for a fantastic finale.

I’m highly recommending Ride or Die and this series.

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✓ Ride Or Die #6 › showRide or Die (Food Truck Warriors, #6) by Beth Bolden – Goodreads


Can Ren’s bad boy heart be wooed and won?

Ren Moretti likes his life—and his hookups—just the way they are: fast and loose.

He only ever hooks up with someone once, and relationships? Forget it. Never gonna happen. No guy has ever persuaded him to bend, break, or alter his one date and one night rule.

Until Seth Abramson.

Seth has always tempted Ren—but it’s not a secret that Seth won’t settle for just one night. A few dates won’t cut it, and he’s not interested in playing around. He wants it all, and he intends to win Ren’s heart.

But that’s the one thing Ren’s never given up. He guards it closely and fiercely, until one day, when he realizes it’s no longer his to protect, it’s belonged to Seth all along.

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