Review: Ride the Lightning (Sinister in Savannah #1) by Aimee Nicole Walker

Rating: 4.75 🌈

I’ve always found Aimee Nicole Walker to be an excellent author so I was happy to find a series of hers I hadn’t read yet. From just the first book I’m in for an outstanding , exciting journey!

Ride the Lightning is the first novel in Walker’s Sinister in Savannah series and it’s amazing. Located in the historic southern city of Savjannah, Georgia, the author makes full use of Savannah’s well known haunts and southern charm as a solid foundation for her characters and their lives which are as deeply seated within that community.

Sinister in Savannah is a crime podcast run by three friends, one of which is Jonas St Johns , a criminal analyst for the Georgia Bureau of Investigations.

Jonas is truly a mesmerizing character. Tall, scarred , highly intelligent, and haunted by his past, Jonas is half the heart of this story. The other half? That belongs, not to the romantic interest, although he’s quite wonderful, but to Jonas’ neighbor, Marla.

Marla, the magnificent drag queen, who let Jonas into her life and now has some decidedly serious favors to ask of him.

Marla and her pug, Betty (named after the fabulous Betty White of course) are everything! She’s captivating, poignant, flamboyant, and magnificent. It’s her touching, intimate, close relationship with Jonas that immediately connects the reader to them and this story. Within that duo , and then within Jonas’ house, we see a odd but wonderful found family start establishing itself.

There’s Kendall, Jonas’s roommate, Avery, the love interest and Jonas’ intern, Felix and Rocky, the other two men who run the podcast with him. By the time the story has ended , the found family and community has swelled around him, due in part to the murder mystery he was asked to investigate.

The old murder mystery touches off all types of revelations and reverberations. Including ones that bring up old memories that have traumatized Jonas for years.

This story is about growth and healing as it is about leaving and letting go.

And found families and forgiveness.

I’m so happy to have found this novel, new characters and series. It’s such a joy to have been on this first journey with Marla . How I love her.

I can’t wait for you all to meet her and everyone else here. I’m highly recommending this story.

And I’m onto the next!

Sinister in Savannah series:

✓ Ride the Lightning #1

◦ Mr. Perfect #2

◦ Pretty Poison #3 › showRide the Lightning by Aimee Nicole Walker – Goodreads

Truth seeker. Promise keeper. Guarded heart.

By day, Jonah St. John is a criminal analyst for the Georgia Bureau of Investigations. By night, he produces Sinister in Savannah, an investigative podcast, with his two best friends. Jonah’s life revolves around three principles: a man’s word is his oath, friendships are priceless gifts, and love is for other people.

When the Sinister in Savannah team delves into the thirty-eight-year-old murder of a drag queen, they quickly discover that the story doesn’t end with the alleged killer’s confession in 1995. Continuing the investigation could have fatal consequences for Jonah and everyone he holds dear, including his irresistible intern.

To love is to lose: a lesson Jonah has learned the hard way. For a decade, he has embraced solitude as his penance for a past mistake. Then came Avery Bradford, a man whose warmth and sunshine infuses Jonah’s battered soul and challenges his resistance. Over the past eight months, Jonah has soared closer and closer to Avery’s flame until the thing he’s feared the most becomes the one he can’t live without.

The chill of danger merges with the heat of desire, forming a deadly superstorm. Will Jonah seek shelter or ride the lightning?

Sinister in Savannah series is a fictional podcast exploring the city’s most nefarious crimes with Southern-fried snark. The books explore friendship, love, loss, and the irrepressible human spirit. Ride the Lightning is book one of three. While each book is written about a different couple, the series should be read in order. Sinister in Savannah is an LGBT romantic suspense series with mature language and sexual content intended for adults eighteen and older.

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