Review: Bad at Love by Aimee Nicole Walker

Rating: 5 🌈

I was so sry when I finished the absolutely marvelous Sinister in Savannah series by Aimee Nicole Walker. That stunner of a trio of storylines pulled together complicated, well defined characters, with equally complex romances, a murder mystery or three, a magnificent Drag Queen to center everyone as well as to bring greater emotional realness. The location of Savannah, Georgia adds a richness of culture and history unlike anything outside of New Orlean’s.

Yes, indeed. This author does dwell most emphatically so well down south in Savannah.

The only reason I didn’t completely lose it after the last story was the author’s promise to visit this universe again. With certain secondary characters everyone adored getting their story.

And here we go! First up with my favorite too!

Bad at Love is Kendall Blakemore’s story. He’s Jonah’s roommate, often seen tossing some gorgeous man out the door in the morning , often his stepbrother, Trevor, after a late late night at The Cockpit, a club he works at. Kendall is beautiful, sassy, and in so many ways you can’t even name, heartbreaking. And this was before he even got his own book. But he was definitely memorable.

Walker brings Kendall even more into focus here as he decides that it’s more than time for him to give the new loving couple, Jonah and Avery, their space and home, and move out on his own.

That’s when it becomes apparent just how scary such a move might be and how dark Kendall’s history has contributed to making this a fragile step. There’s a discussion of Kendall’s eating disorder. It’s well done but should be noted if that’s a trigger for anyone.

As we meet and are diving into the emotional maze that’s Kendall, the author gives us US Deputy Marshal Kurt Dandridge. We’ve tentatively met him before, when he was trying to deny his need for Asher’s chili. Here we see the consequences of that battle and the rest of the Marshals from that night.

It’s a great time for a new group of criminals, a regrouping of some terrific secondary characters, and a wonderful romance between two men who aren’t even looking for love.

Walker is amazing at writing people who feel so believable. Their vulnerabilities, their walls they raise to shield themselves, and even the lies they tell themselves. The author layers them all into the characters personalities and actions as they work their way through the barriers that separates them from each other.

Let us not forget the high action sequences, and humor! That’s all here too! It makes the story. I’m sure the different law enforcement agencies all have their favorites to tell.

But in the end, this is a love story and a outstanding one. I adore this couple, and i needed to see them happy. I absolutely got that. Sigh.

I’m highly recommending this and the connecting series listed below. Read them all.

Note. Not sure of that cover though. Looks a bit like a demented Siamese kittie…hmmmm. › showBad at Love by Aimee Nicole Walker – Goodreads › Bad-Lov…Bad at Love – Kindle edition by Walker, Aimee Nicole. Literature … –


Bad at making decisions or bad at love? Either way, Kendall Blakemore doesn’t trust his judgment. He falls too hard, too fast, and always for the wrong guy. Needing a major shakeup, Kendall moves into his own place for the first time and seizes a new career opportunity. But everything he thought he wanted turns out to be the last thing he needs. When loneliness threatens to derail Kendall’s good behavior, he decides to rent out his spare bedroom. What could go wrong? Try a tenant who’s temptation incarnate.

Bad at commitment or born to roam? Either way, US Deputy Marshal Kurt Dandridge feels trapped. Maybe staying in one place for too long is the source of his unhappiness, or maybe it’s because he’s engaged to the wrong person. Finding his fiancé in bed with another man takes care of one problem but creates another. Ridge needs a place to live. He’d leave Savannah altogether if not for his vow to apprehend an elusive fugitive. Renting a room from Kendall Blakemore seems like the perfect solution until Ridge finds himself falling for the alluring man. Would one kiss derail his course? And could he stop at just one?

Hurts so good. Chemistry burns between them—hot, consuming, and impossible to ignore. And why should they? Kendall and Ridge are consenting adults who know the score. Being bad has never felt so good, but it’s a slippery slope to navigate. One misstep could have disastrous consequences for both men.

Bad at Love is a standalone novel within the Sinister in Savannah universe where both characters first appeared. It is not necessary to read that series first. Bad at Love is a romantic suspense that’s heavier on the romance than the suspense.

Connected series:

Sinister in Savannah series:

✓ Ride the Lightning #1

✓ Mr. Perfect #2

✓ Pretty Poison #3

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