Review: Wyrmwood (Poisonwood & Lyric #2) by Sam Burns and W.M. Fawkes

Rating : 4 🌈

Wyrmwood is a short story in the Poisonwood & Lyric series by Sam Burns and W.M. Fawkes. It’s romance between Augustine, a dragon who’s sure he’s finally found his mate and Declan Lynch, son of a incubus and a sea nymph , who’s equally sure he hasn’t.

A kidnapping, a starving incubus, a totally confused dragon, and a crisis to come makes for a tightly told fantasy romance.

Jasper from Poisonwood just so happens to be the younger brother to Declan, so we have one of several links that help we with the series overall theme.

But it’s the chemistry between August and Declan that makes this story. It’s just lovely. We get the arguments, the hesitation to believe that Declan is actually THE mate , and August isn’t just driven by the incubus’s beauty and magic.

The dramatic climax is scary, there’s a potential rape scene if that’s a trigger. But it’s a HEA story. And I hope to see this couple make an appearance somewhere in the series down the line. They are that adorable.

I’m recommending this!

Poisonwood & Lyric series:

✓ Poisonwood #1

✓ Wyrmwood #2

◦ Hardwood #3 › showWyrmwood (Poisonwood & Lyric #2) by Sam Burns – Goodreads


A dragon searching for a crowning jewel for his fabulous hoard.

A misanthropic incubus who just wants to swim.

Declan might be the world’s only shut-in incubus, but with a father like Elrith, it’s little wonder his faith in people is nonexistent. He skates through life as a computer programmer, closed into his tiny apartment, only feeding by ordering sex workers to his door. But his mother was a water nymph, and occasionally, Declan can’t resist the need to sneak out and swim. This time, he’s in for a surprise.

Augustine is a water dragon who has spent years building the perfect hoard, and now there’s just one thing missing: someone to share it with. When he spots the stunning creature swimming just outside his home, he realizes the jewel he sought has come to him. But after centuries of little human contact, he’s out of touch with the meaning of the word consent. When the tempting nymph chafes his control, August can’t figure out how to win him over.

But word of August’s treasure has reached greedy ears, and all he cares for is under threat. Can a dyed-in-the-wool misanthrope teach August the true value of possession before he loses everything?

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