Review : Spirited Situation (Ghostly Guardians #1) by Louisa Masters

Rating: 4.75🌈

Spirited Situation is the first book in the new Ghostly Guardians series by Louisa Masters and it’s a wonderfully entertaining paranormal read!

We meet our two main characters in a bar, both looking for a hookup after long sexual dry spells. It’s instant chemistry, a night of insanely hot sex, then they leave the motel the morning after, not even exchanging names or particulars.

Of course , it doesn’t stay that way.

One of the men, Josh, is a man who’s been able to see, and talk to ghosts his entire life. It’s cost him jobs, apartments, and friends. Now he’s interviewing for a job that he’s hopeful will be the answer to all his immediate needs. It’s in a renovated estate that offers tours, including ghosts. Has living quarters attached and a small enough town that its own ghostly population should be fairly small.

What he doesn’t count on is the guy he hooked up with being the blacksmith/historian also employed by the estate and living there too.

That’s Ewan. Huge, happy to see his hookup , until a misconception gets in the way.

Louisa Masters sets the foundation for her new series by building her found family of living employees and very lively ghosts , all residing together at the estate.

While we’re getting to know everyone from Josh, who can see and talk to all our ghostly characters, Ewan our lover and blacksmith, the Manager Kieran, Skye at the front desk , Daniel who runs the historical farm to some of the wonderful ghosts like Hattie, Maisie, Joe , and Johnny.

It’s quite the cast but it’s never overwhelming because each is such a great personality. And each ghost is invested in Josh and Ewan’s romance as much as we are!

That’s so much fun. Especially ghosts like Carter who are late to gay sex and want all the inside scoop!

Overlaying all of this is the series storylines. One that gets neatly resolved but a larger one is left to be part of further storylines in the future books. I can’t wait for those!

Masters has a way of making her books feel like I just picked them up and then it’s over. They are so smoothly written, so well plotted, and the characters so engaging that the time just flies by.

Now to wait until the next which is Kieran’s story. I wonder who he will be paired up with? Hmmmmm

I’m highly recommending this new novel! It’s a great story and a entertaining start to a new series!

Reviewer note: Not a 5 because lack of last names bugs me. Always has. Pls pls give your characters last names. Ty. This note for any and all authors out there.

Ghostly Guardians:

✓ Spirited Situation #1

◦ Vortex Conundrum #2 – coming 2022 › showSpirited Situation (Ghostly Guardians #1) by Louisa Masters | Goodreads


When you can talk to ghosts, things are bound to get spirited.

The ghosts have been there since before I can remember. When I was a kid, they doted on me, but as I got older, they got more demanding. I’ve spent my whole life seeing and talking to dead people and trying to pretend I’m not, because the living just don’t understand. Nobody wants to be around the freak who claims to see ghosts.
Until I go to Mannix Estate.

Once a private country home, then a posh hotel, it was closed after a suspicious incident but is now an immersive historic experience. It’s also haunted AF, and everyone knows it. Finally, I’ve found a place to work and live where I can be useful. Where I’m actually wanted.

There are only two problems: I spent a hot, sweaty, satisfying night with Ewan the blacksmith before I knew we’d have to work together. Everyone knows sex with colleagues is a bad idea, right? Even if he’s the world’s most ripped cinnamon roll.

Plus, the ghosts are keeping secrets. There’s something going on that’s not normal, even for a haunted estate. And I suspect that when the truth comes out, I’m the one who’ll have to deal with it… and it won’t be good.

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