Review: Love Me Again (Stonewall Investigations:Blue Creek #1) by Max Walker

Rating: 3.75🌈

Love Me Again represents a new author and a new contemporary romance series for me, both I’m always on the lookout for.

It was the description that caught my attention. I love a second chance at love, lovers reunited romance! Plus this had the added attraction of one of the men with retrograde amnesia! So he didn’t even remember the one he loved and hurt!

Oh the anticipation.

Max Walker did a wonderful job creating the small town of Blue Creek, past home to returning detective Austin Romero, back to set up a branch of Stonewall Investigations there. It’s also home to his old secret high school boyfriend, Charlie Marsh. The one that broke Austin’s heart and drove him away to find himself in NYC.

Now Blue Creek is about to become the stage for the homecoming drama when the men meet again after all these years.

Charlie is especially engaging as someone missing a huge chunk of his past. Walker makes us understand how frustrating this condition must be, how angry and hard it would be to continually be reminded that all around you are people who remember events and things about you that you cannot. This trait makes Charlie so vulnerable and easy to connect with.

Austin is someone who’s gone through so much after he left Blue Creek. He grew up and past the adolescence pain and he’s put it behind him. That too rings true.

There’s so much to really love here and invest in. That’s the romance.

There’s also a mystery and that’s an element where I have some issues.

Romance outstanding. Mystery? Hmmm. The villain is obvious. He might as well be twirling a mustache and wearing a shirt that says “I did the deed”. Austin is a seasoned investigator from NYC. Yet, here in Blue Creek, he doesn’t act like one. No backups, runs into danger, doesn’t check for the villain. Sigh.

So it takes a certain suspension of belief when it comes to the whole mystery element of the story. There’s action, drama, and a happy ending!

This book also has a great pet store the Stonewall Investigations work above and a fantastic parrot character! I hope he’s a permanent one!

Another detail?

I had no idea that the Stonewall Investigations series branches out to other cities with its series and couples. Good to know. As someone new to this universe, I would imagine the characters crossover between series. I’ll have to check out the others to see.

I’m definitely continuing onto the next in the series, Ride the Wreck. There’s another couple and, of course, another investigation.

I’m recommending this for the love story. It’s an awwwww.

Stonewall Investigations: Blue Creek

◦ Love Me Again #1

◦ Ride the Wreck #2

Love Me Again by Max Walker – Stonewall Investigations › book › show



No one’s fast enough to outrun grief.

Trust me, I’ve tried. I ran away from the city and took a job as the lead detective back in my old home town of Blue Creek, New Hampshire. I expected to bump into past ghosts, but I never expected those ghosts to reopen old wounds.

The biggest ghost of them all: Charlie Marsh. The man who pushed me out of this town in the first place.

He was also the man who had stolen my heart when we were teens, and who now couldn’t even remember a single day we had spent together.

Which makes it exceptionally awkward when he becomes my first client.


An accident stole seven years of my memories, robbing me of experiences, lessons, people.

It robbed me of my first love. I couldn’t remember who Austin even was, much less when and where we shared our first kiss. So when I bumped into the most jaw-droppingly handsome man I’d ever seen, I had no idea we already shared an entire galaxy’s worth of history between us.

Second chances aren’t always easy, and this one only gets more complicated after finding out that my ‘accident’ wasn’t an accident at all, and it seems like someone wants to finish the job.

Good thing I’ve got a hot detective’s number on speed-dial.

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