Review: Buried Mage (Fledgling God #4) by Michael Taggert

Rating: 5 🌈

Well, this just got way more fabulous and complicated!

Buried Mage immediately corrects the one issue I had with Gathering Mage, and that’s where the author had divided that section of his 2-part story. He’d gone past their arrival home and into new events when it made sense to stop at their arrival.

Buried Mage has at the beginning the Cliffs Notes versions of the preceding books to catch you up if you need a refresh and then we ( and those fantastic characters) all together, start at the moment when Sandy and Jason return from the Gathering, having come through stronger and with new powers due to the trials and events that occurred there.

It’s time for them to get caught up with everything and everyone who was left behind at the House. It’s a great way too , for the author to reacquaint the readers with all the characters who were missing for a story, except for a mention or two.

Now with one celebration, it’s found family time , and we get to embrace our fondness for them and the quirky House as well . Plus we get to meet another Companion. Mr. Tubbles, Tyler’s worn and torn older cat. He’s a real enigma.

But soon Jason and the House of Louisville are off and running as they, with Jason as the spark , start to experiment with new forms of combat, enhancing it with their own magic abilities , including runes they make, experimenting through techniques they picked up with glasswork. Great stuff here. This is so simplified because the book ‘s elements regarding this are fun, and complex. I enjoyed every bit . Those who want a boom and the magic wand does the trick?

Hmmm , no. This really isn’t the book or series for you. Why?

All this is described in fascinating, wildly imaginative details! The characters are excited about what’s happening, and we’re along with them every step of the way, as they fail and as they finally succeed.

Taggert has quite the imagination and it’s full of humor. His grannies, his ass blasters, the miners and surfer dudes! Love each and every one! Plus the respect that Jason shows his creations. I’m hoping that really comes into play further down the series because that’s such a joyous element.

Naturally, the villains, Marius and Karl, that have been lurking the past novels come back horrifically here. They are some very nasty pieces of work .

No spoilers but again some incredible scenes, Jason goes through terrifying trials that shove him up into the growth he needs , essentially, to power up. But , wow, painful. Very gripping and so well written that it keeps us on the edge til it’s over.

Truly, the synopsis just can’t do justice to what you’re going to find inside this story. It’s a bit like saying “oh, Moby Dick? Ah yeah, it’s got a whale.”

Buried Mage has at the least …a magical sword that wants to be a vase, zombies students, evil villains, adorable cats, tiny Magical Grannies who suck up magic, a House that gives you a family and everything you want…for a price. And so much more.

I will say we get a great conclusion to this 2-book mini arc and a very fun slide which will start the next 2 book arc (that’s the format the author seems to prefer).

This series, which has a fifth book coming, is addicting. It’s ever expanding universe, a growing cast of amazing people and beings who continue to develop personally and in their relationships.

I’m so sold!

That means I’m highly recommending the entire series to date, which should be read in the order they were written.

Happy Reading!

Fledgling God series:

✓ Misfit Mage #1

✓ Melee Mage #2

✓ Gathering Mage #3

✓ Buried Mage #4 › showBuried Mage (Fledgling God #4) by Michael Taggart – Goodreads

on Amazon.


The Gathering only lasted for seven days, but it ended up being a lot more of an adventure than Jason had expected. Now it’s time to head home, and Jason is excited to sleep in his own bed and hang out with John, Tyler, and Annabeth again.

Jason learned a lot, and he’s eager to put that knowledge to use. If his ideas work, it could totally revolutionize how Sandy and the crew make charms—allowing them to heal, train, and defend the House even better than before.

So when the rotten mages show up, Jason is still feeling confident in himself and his new knowledge.

He has a new shield. He’s fought for his life in the arena. His matrix is much denser than before.

He’s a warrior mage now and stronger than ever before.

What could possibly go wrong?

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