Review: P.S. I Spook You (The Spectral Files #1) by S.E. Harmon

Rating: 5🌈

I have had author S.E. Harmon on my auto buy for a while now but somehow I missed this spectacular 3-book paranormal series ! I’m rectifying that now and just finished the marvelous P.S. I Spook You.

It’s the first story in Harmon’s The Spectral Files trilogy about a FBI profiler who can communicate with ghosts (he’s a bridge from living to the dead), the Detective he’s loves, and the cases they are involved in.

P.S. I Spook You lays down the complicated history of and between both men.

Rain Christiansen, FBI profiler, left the man he loved, his family, and hometown of Brickell Bay, Florida behind when he thought he was going crazy, seeing ghosts, ghosts who were talking to him. So he ran…all the way to NYC. A new job, drugs, and a doctor who said it was something to be cured.

Detective Daniel McKenna, cold case cop who was left behind with no idea why the man he loved up and ran to NYC.

Harmon details two damaged, haunted men who still are deeply in love with each other. She gives us a remarkable hippy family for Rain that’s a delight and one for Daniel that’s slowly revealed over the course of the book.

But it’s the amazing cold case of a missing girl that reunites them that really makes this story soar. Harmon’s ghosts are so poignant, from the smallest details in their expressions to the changes that happen as memories return. Harmon’s ghosts become tangible and real. Paranormal beings that need help , and Rain is so slow to accept the role he’s obviously been given.

This is a incredible element and I’m heavily invested in how Rain is going to grow into a role that’s he’s so new and unprepared for.

That goes for his partner and their relationship. Harmon’s characters react very humanly. Denial, the avoidance, then communication. Yet you can see the future areas where this “talent” of Rain’s is is quickly becoming a issue between them.

I was so hooked on the characters and storylines I was reading into the early hours. Then started on the next before I just had to stop. These people just got to me.

If you haven’t read this trilogy already? It’s an absolute must. Outstanding plots, fantastic characters and well developed relationships. It’s all here.

Ok I have Principles of Spookology to finish and then it’s onto Spooky Business. I can’t wait. Read all three in the order they are written to understand the plot and characters progression and development.

I’m highly recommending them all.

The Spectral Files 3 of 3:

✓ P.S. I Spook You #1

◦ Principles of Spookology #2

◦ Spooky Business #3 › showP.S. I Spook You (The Spectral Files, #1) by S.E. Harmon – Goodreads


SSA Rain Christiansen used to be the agency’s golden boy. It just takes one moment of weakness, one slight, tiny, itty-bitty paranormal sighting, and all of a sudden, he’s the agency’s embarrassment. His boss gives him one last chance to redeem himself – go down to Brickell Bay, play nice with the local police, and leave the ghost sightings behind. Rain is determined to do exactly that, even if it kills him.

Cold-case Detective Daniel McKenna’s latest investigation is going nowhere fast. Five years earlier, high school student Amy Greene went missing after leaving her part-time job and was never seen again. Daniel is glad to finally have the FBI help his department requested, even if it does come in the form of his ex.

It doesn’t help that Rain is pretty sure he’s falling in love with Danny all over again – if he ever stopped. Add to that the frustration of seeing ghosts at every turn while he works a case that’s stalled in its tracks, and Rain is starting to wonder if second chances and happy endings are just for fairy tales.

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