Review: Camouflaged (A Bureau Story) by Kim Fielding

Rating: 5 🌈

It’s been a while since I’ve delved into Kim Fielding’s Bureau universe but this book stands on its own feet and what superlative feet they are.

Considering it’s a Bureau tale, it’s remarkably straightforward. Agent Ralph Crespo, ailing dragon, has been given the assignment to deliver a sealed letter to Anton Steinmann.

That meeting has unexpected ramifications for both Ralph and Anton, including an immediate emotional connection and physical attraction.

In the fantastic, Kim Fielding manner, Camouflaged many storylines and romance slowly comes together, as aspects of Ralph’s and Anton’s species mutual histories are revealed as well as a murder plot against Anton’s clan.

This story is one of those that’s feels effortless because it’s that well crafted. You can easily miss some special small elements tucked here and there because it flows so smoothly. I had to reread it again to pick up a few of the tiniest clues and pieces I’d passed over because I was reading it so quickly. I was just that involved in both the romance and that conspiracy!

Kim Fielding’s a must author. I think I’d read a new urban dictionary if she wrote it. Camouflaged is simply just one more example why Fielding’s an auto buy, auto read for me.

I’m highly recommending Camouflaged, and the Bureau series if you’re not familiar with it.

Enjoy! And happy reading!

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Camouflaged #8 › showCamouflaged (Bureau #8) by Kim Fielding – Goodreads


Life isn’t always easy for a Bureau agent who’s also a dragon.

Ever since Ralph Crespo was trapped in human form, he’s been going through the motions at a job he once loved. Maybe that’s why the Bureau chief seems to have demoted him to messenger. But this time a letter delivery allows Ralph to meet Anton Steinmann, and Ralph’s life takes a turn toward the unexpected.

Anton loves his remote home with its extensive caves. He’s less fond of his leadership position, however, and definitely doesn’t want the offer Agent Crespo hands him. Then Anton is kidnapped and tortured. Someone wants him dead and he doesn’t know why.

How can anyone be true to himself in a world where he doesn’t really belong? Perhaps Ralph and Anton can find the answer together—if they survive long enough.

By Scattered Thoughts

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